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I have been sick since the weekend, I got a flu. I drank cold Latte and then took my jacket off while walking near the beach, so it's basically my fault. My voice is kind of hoarse at the moment, although I really like it that way, wish it could stay like that forever (not that my real voice is annoying).

I have been wearing a lot of lazy outfits lately, here's what I wore on Monday: my "I love Lima" tee and some cool accesories to cheer the outfit up a little. Yeah, I know it's not like anyone hasn't done that before, but I guess it's okay considering how sick I was feeling that day.

My bangs are so grown, I need to get a haircut as soon as possible.


Short black boots

Many of you might have tought I have forgotten about this site, well, i haven't. University tends to occupy all my time, it doesn't mean I study 24/7, but I spend most of my time there because I live very far from it and when I come home very late at night, I'm way too tired to take pictures and post. Oh, and weekends? I started my german lessons two months ago, it's going well, although it's much more difficult than english for me, my classes are on Saturdays' mornings and well, i tend to go out at night. I'm really sorry, I know I could have made some spare time to blog if I wasn't such a lazyarse.

On the good side, my vacations started this week and I have a couple ideas for this site, which not include closing it, at least, not now. Anyways, if you ever wanna ask me something, feel free to add me on facebook or check out my fotolog account (that last one is in case you understand spanish).

Remember when I mentioned how much I loved booties once? Well, I got my own ones on Wednesday, I love them, any ideas on how to wear them?

Consider this my come back (;