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7 random facts

The lovely Cotton-candy from Whimsical Delights tagged me to write down seven facts about me =), which is brilliant as inspiration didn't came out for a new post and this is fun to do.

1. I love cat eyes, but not in Amy Winehouse.

2. I went to a boys and girls private school. We had no uniform and they allowed us to wear everything but skirts, belly shirts (which i loathe, by the way), shorts and jewerly.

3. I have a 13-year-old sister called Ximena, who actually believes I don't love her at all, although I do. You know, teenage angst.

4. I usually put my hands in the air when i dance, just can't help it

5. I borrow clothes from my mom =)

6. I'm short but it doesn't bother me. I'm around 1.60m

7. I love handicraft


The thing is I have to tag seven more people. Thing that i actually don't want to do, because I know some of you have already done this. Anyways, if you haven't, you should totally try it =), it's fun ;) and I'd love to know more about you!


I'll return comments later =), thanks to everyone who commented on my last post =). I really appreciate it.


Some skirts can be worn as tops too

Last week I had one of those days when you're supossed to read like crazy but for some reason i can't understand quite well, i ended up doing everything but reading. I left my books and summaries somewhere on my bed and started playing dressing up. Wanted to try something different as lately I’m too lazy to wear something nice enough, I wake up very early and I just take a fast shower and grab the first pair of jeans i find, a long sleeved tee, a jacket/cardigan and a scarf, yeah i know it sounds like a uniform, actually i feel like that too, but time’s gold these days ;). That’s when I found two skirts i rarely wear and decided to try fresher looks with them, as spring’s coming sometime soon.

The first one is a plaid skirt, which used to belong to one of beloved cousins, so I guess is from the 80’s. Pure vintage, baby!. The second one is a flower skirt my aunt bought for me when she traveled to the uk. Played a little bit around and here you have the results:

Strapless Plaid top + necklace i bought for less than a dollar, in Cusco (city, ubicated in Peru, you should totally visit, mainly because of Machu Picchu, as you know, one of the seven wonders but also because it is so charming and you'll have a great time there for sure), which has hanging a “Chacana”, which is rumored to be some kind of cross from the Incas + Thin black belt that used to belong to my mother

In the first picture I’m wearing an orange cardigan that was given to my mother, but as she’s so skinny, it didn’t fit her well (that’s right, i weigh more than my mom), so she gave it to me, a heart necklace plus short black skirt, wich looks even shorter because of the length of the skirt I’m wearing as top. In the second picture I just wore a black bolero (i know everyone’s so over them, but I still love mine) instead of the cardigan and took off the heart necklace.

The question is: Have you ever done this before?

Thanks for the comments, you guys are so nice. I promise I'll return them as soon as possible. Now I'm out to read Cosmology, I have a test tomorrow =). I know it has nothing to do with my career but university oblige us to study very random subjects such as History, sociology and more =) for the first four semesters.


In my purse

I planned to post about this and had made the collage a while ago in case of emergencies. The case is, today is one of those days that i consider "busy", I have a pile of books to read and exams are coming, so yeah, can't do a long post =( Anyways, hope you enjoy these and comment on what you usually carry in your purse =)

1. I actually made this before getting my braces, when i could chew gum and bubble gum used to be an everyday must for me.
2. Pierre Cardin wallet, with money and my student identity card.
3. Comb and a mirror
4. MP3 player
5. Scrunchies, very helpful when my hair looks messy
6. Lipgloss
7. Toilet paper
8. Keys =)
9. Glasses, which i love but only use for reading
10. As my everyday trip to university lasts almost two hours, I usually carry a small notebook to write anything i find interesting
11. My movile phone, motorola L6, can't leave without it.


Plaid fabrics: Kurt Cobain would be proud...

The latest fabric to dress yourself in is plaid. We've seen it on the runway and even, some celebrities have been spotted wearing some plaid items. I love Kurt Cobain (since Nirvana is one of my all-the-time favourite bands and he's just too cute) and of course, when i first saw the plaid shirt trend on celebrities it immediately reminded me of him.

Several designers showed how cool plaid is right now on their collections. Here you have some pictures.
Up: All of them are from Moschino Down (left to right): Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Balenciaga and Luella

Young Hollywood girls decided to add a little plaid to their outfits by wearing 'boyfriend' shirts, and the result looks pretty rad, huh? This is definitely the way to rock plaid in a normal day. Remember, Plaid shirts are a MUST piece for the season ;)

Mk Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba & Ashley Olsen

Some plaid pieces I wouldn't mind having :) ... Teen choice awards will be transmited here today at 9pm for the first time on E!. That sucks, because everyone has already seen them =(. Anyways, I'll still watch them=) and will do a fashion review of it (=, ehrm, maybe.


The Lovely Alexa, who runs Today I like, tagged me:

So, keeping the "tradition" i should tag five more blogs I love =), so here it goes:

Whimsical Delights: The site has the nicest pictures and most of them were taken by the webmiss, cotton-candy. The site totally rocks and I also love her header, you should check it out.

Mahalo Fashion: I just had to tag her! (=, her site's soooo cool. Jennifer updates frequently and keep us informed about the stuff celebrity is wearing. I really like her site and admire her work. I have no idea if she's been already tagged, but I had to tag her.

Jottings of a fashionista: I just started visiting that site a few days ago and immediately loved it. Emsie writes in a very simple, cool and informative way that keeps me tunned, always love her posts.

Dear old Hollywood: This blog is written in my first language, spanish. It's a cool site where Audrey shares her feelings and life, I enjoy reading it indeed. She's is waaaay nice, plus she always comments on my site and i really appreciate that (=

Casi famosa: I really love that site, is so fresh and it has loads of nice pictures and the webmiss has a great fashion taste.


I'll return comments asap, Thanks everyone ;) and hope you enjoy the post.