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In my purse

I planned to post about this and had made the collage a while ago in case of emergencies. The case is, today is one of those days that i consider "busy", I have a pile of books to read and exams are coming, so yeah, can't do a long post =( Anyways, hope you enjoy these and comment on what you usually carry in your purse =)

1. I actually made this before getting my braces, when i could chew gum and bubble gum used to be an everyday must for me.
2. Pierre Cardin wallet, with money and my student identity card.
3. Comb and a mirror
4. MP3 player
5. Scrunchies, very helpful when my hair looks messy
6. Lipgloss
7. Toilet paper
8. Keys =)
9. Glasses, which i love but only use for reading
10. As my everyday trip to university lasts almost two hours, I usually carry a small notebook to write anything i find interesting
11. My movile phone, motorola L6, can't leave without it.

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Aretha dijo...

A Pierre Cardin wallet...You're so stylish!

LML dijo...

cute post!

what i carry around:
1. wallet
2. keys
3. lip gloss and concealer
4. sunglasses case and cleaner
5. oil blotting sheets
6. mirror
7. pen
the norm - pretty boring :P

muze1990 dijo...

Like this post!

If I'm going shopping or something, I don't want to carry a whole lot of weight with me, so in my bag you can find:

-mp3 + mobile

That are the standards. Ligloss I put in my pocket, or else it def will get lost :P.

Jennifer dijo...

Creative post!

hmm in my bag

- Ipod video
- ray bands
- wallet
- Gloss
- comb
- Neurophen (advil)
- hair elastics
- cell phone
- Mirror
- Keys
- Pen
- Agenda

coco dijo...

i have that mobile too (although i have another one that is sony which i use more) it is without a doubt the most attractive mobile ever invented
its so slim and chic
i couldnt get reid of it when i got my new mobile so i still ocassionaly use it just becuse it makes me happy

Kira Fashion dijo...

amazing stuff!
i use glasses only to read too!

a kisss

Romeika dijo...

Oh, what a sweet post, and i love the collage you made, and love ur wallet. I totally understand how college can make people SO busy, so don't worry at all if u can't post!!

re:Glad you think my spanish is fine;-) and about the church from 1200, Denmark is such an old country *lol* Have a nice week at uni!

Amy dijo...

love the picks!

i love pierre cardin!

cotton candy dijo...

lol, I carry pretty much the same thing as you in my bag. except that i always carry an organiser as well as post-it notes. lol. hahaha. you make me wanna go shopping. =p

Fashionyou's Molly dijo...

I carry most of the same thing.
But with a fold up umberella [bad weather over here in England]
Headache Tablets.

Love the blog, Keep it up =]

penelope dijo...

i remembered doing this post too!! it was so fun!!
(yer; my mom was like: could you stop?! the flash is blinding me~ hah!)

i guess the only remotely interesting/ fun obj found in my bag today was my oct issue of teen vogue!!!! couldnt resist the fab pictures!!! yumm!

haha! oh and thanks for d comment!
the scarf is fab!! and the patterned cami is actually frm topshop!!

love the post!

Tru dijo...

awesome post. I'm planning on doing one like this as well though I've yet to get around to it

Cris Lazoru dijo...

Loved that Harry Potter Notebook!


YSLfashionista dijo...

Yeah, I actually looked it up on Youtube and all they have is like a preview thing of it, which is originally what enticed me to watch the show. Yeah, bad idea.

Ana dijo...

haha lovin the HP notebook

Daphne dijo...

cool post, i always carry gum it's an essential!!


Jennifer dijo...

blog again soon!

discothequechic dijo...

Ooh, that is such a cool idea, and the fact that you had an emergency post is even cooler!

For me its generally the same. And I always carried my camera until it quietly died recently.

I'm so sad!

S xx

Nicole Then dijo...

haha cool! I love this kind of things. ok i definitely can't live without
1. my camera hp ( i take way too many pictures)
2. palm organizer
3. wallet
4. Camex lipbalm
5. Sunglasses!!
6. White Play Station Portable
7. A copy of Vogue or TeenVogue