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Happy 2008

I love you guys ♥

When I first started at this I had no idea about how everything would go, but you guys made me feel so confortable around with your comments and made everything easier for me. Thanks for reading my blog and visiting. Actually, thanks for all your support.


A day after Christmas

First of all Merry Christmas to all my beloved readers ♥. It seems like my Internet connection finally decided to work alright. Christmas was good for me, hope yours was as good ;).


I mentioned once on my blog about how I wanted to do some charity and start being more conscious when spending my money. I Finally had the opportunity to do some work on Sunday and it totally made my Christmas. People say Christmas is "Jesuschrist", I'd prefer to say Christmas is "sharing with others", but if Jesuschrist means that, then fine. Sunday's experience helped me in a way to finally discover why we celebrate Christmas every year. I went with a group to play and share with 300 children of a very poor (economically talking, because they were so rich in spirit) town in Lima. Me and two friends, took care of 11 wonderful kids, aged from 5 years to 9. Kids are so pure and beautiful. We also gave them a little snack, I was shocked to see some of them didn't want to eat their food because they were saving it to give it to their young brothers later. I must say I probably learnt and received more from them than they did from me. Wonderful doesn't even begin to describe this experience and I'll do it again for sure.


I was glad to receive a Thinking blogger award from Miss Ann, which is for blogs that make people think, in the words of the blogger who started this.

If you get tagged you have to write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think and then you have to put a link to THIS post so people can find out where it all started. Finally, just in case you want (optional), you can display the 'Thinking Blogger Award' with a link to the post that you wrote in one of your sidebars.

I had a difficult time choosing ONLY 5 blogs that 'make me think' (you know, with interesting and creative posts), but here you have my picks in no particular order: Modern Marie, Discoteque Confusion, Diary of a third world fashionista, A room of one's own & Power Rangers go.

And yeah, you should take a look at all of them. Thanks again to the Lovely Miss Ann ;)


Another lovely girl who Tagged me is Emsie. She actually gave me an opportunity to talk about my blog which I appreciate because I hadn't done it before and well, answering those questions was also kind of fun ;).

What's the story behind the name of your blog and your nickname?
I have no idea. Actually yes, the thing is I just wanted a cool and simple name so I started playing with some words in english, spanish and french. The first two words that came up to my mind were "Colored" and "Coloured", I chose the second one because i have this thing for british accent, I just love it so much. As I couldn't think of anything more rhetorical, i decided to add the name of my favoruite colour to it, which is blue, I had three options: Blue, Azul (spanish) and Bleu (french), finally, as you see, I thought it sounded better in french.

On my nickname. Well, when I was little and people asked for my name I used to say "Aisha" instead of my real name "Raisa" mainly because I couldn't pronounce it the right way. My mother and father still call me that way sometimes.

Why did you started blogging in the first place?
I simply love to write and web designing is one of my passions, blogging seemed to be the activity where i could do both. I started blogging when I was 13-14 and this must be my 5th blog (I have had two in english, two in spanish before, all of them were personal ones), but my first fashion related one. I tried writing about fashion on my previous blogs but it didn't work so well because my readers were used to hear about my personal life and stuff, so my first attempt wasn't successful at all. After discovering some fashion blogs, such as Trendencias and Stylebytes I decided to make my own one.

What has been your best blogging experience? What about the worst?
Meeting new people and making friends from another cultures is always great. Receiving awards is also pretty cool. I also consider, blogging and reading another blogs helps me to improve my english as this is one of my few ways to practice it. The worst experience about blogging happened to me when I was younger and had this personal site I used as a diary. People call them "Haters", you know, people with no life, whose fun is writing rude comments on many sites, forums and blogs (including mine).Luckily, this hasn't happenned with this blog, at least, not until now.

What do you think will happen to your blog in 2008?
I can't say what will happen, but what i hope happens. Maybe some more visitors, maybe a new layout and more interesting pictures. I also think I'll start talking a little more about my personal style, which I also plan to improve.


Dress for festivities: Christmas & New year 2008

There aren't too many ocasions to wear THAT silver/gold or sequined dress that makes you feel like a modern princess. Personally, as I don't have much of a social life, the only ocasions I have to wear glamorous but fun dresses are: christmas, new year's eve, my prom party (2006) and Quinceañeros Parties (we don't celebrate "Sweet 16" here, but "Quinceañeros" when a girl turns 15), although I'm getting a little old for those. Dresses are great for these days, they're cute and comfortable, specially when they're not too tight, so you can eat as much as you can and no one will notice your belly (: That's the reason why I've prepared this post to give you some ideas of what to wear or what I would like to wear for the upcoming festivities.





'Locura' total

Hey everyone. Things have been crazy lately. December is always a really busy month for everyone. You know, Christmas preparations, even if these days it means almost pure Consumerism. I've been doing some shopping myself too, not too much for me, but for my mom, dad & young sister. I'll probably show you what I bought for them in one of my next posts.

My mom also bought me a cute bright coloured dress, I'll be wearing on Christmas dinner. Christmas this year will be so special, because it'll be the first time we celebrate it with EVERYONE, and when I say everyone i mean just my mother's family, which by the way is quite huge as she has like 8 brothers/sisters and almost all of them will be there, including their wives/husbands and> kids (although most of them are not that young).

Here's a picture of the outfit I wore yesterday to go shopping with some friends (I found a cute white and yellow top for my sister). I finally got a turbant. It's crazy how they have just started selling them here and yeah, they're not that popular. Doesn't matter, better for me, I prefer to be the only wearing them than everyone doing it ;). Uh and those sun glasses costed me less than a dollar at a thrift store. The vest used to belong to my mother (: and that bag is probably one of my favourites.


Emma + chanel

Who would say she would end up one day attending chanel parties and posing with Karl Lagerfield? Well, that's Emma watson right now and I decided to post about her, because she has done some smart choices lately, she's not going for safe looks, i feel like she's taking more risks, plus I like her make up (:

Chanel dinner party

Chanel Fashion show



Hello everyone. After less than a month, I'm finally back. My examinations ended yesterday at 6pm and yes that means my vacations started yesterday's afternoon. Well, I'm not totally free right now, because I have to write this essay about the movie "The hours" for my cinema class and the presentation is on Wednesday. Anyways, I think I did good on my exams, the one I'm worried/nervous the most about is America's history (not USA's, I mean America as a continent... I have no idea why everytime I say "America" people think I'm just saying USA, I guess is that people are used to say "Americans" when they wanna talk about somebody who's from the USA because it's easier, well, i actually have no idea so correct me if i'm wrong), but I still think I'll pass, because my previous grades at the subject were good.

I'll be attending Soda Stereo's (a rock band from Argentina) concert tomorrow and it's gonna be HUGE. Last month we had Bjork here, but i didn't go, because i don't know that many of her songs. Oh, btw, Owen Wilson's here =P... well, not here in Lima (where i Live) but in Cuzco (lovely place) doing some charity.

Well, you guys were right about keeping this site as a way of keeping my mind off of the stuff i decided to share with you on my very very very personal previous post.

I have some ideas on mind for the next posts I'm working at but I still would love to hear some of your ideas. Uh, by the way, new layout up, hope you like it, the picture is from Anais Anais campaign.

Thanks for everyone who commented at my site even if i hadn't commented back. You guys are so great, i actually thought i would have less than 10 visits, and i was shocked when I saw over 20 people's feedback and over 30 hits a day, even when i was 'gone'.



I've always wanted to make a post about bangs, they give people who wear them so much personality, and there is a kind of it for everyone. I collected pictures from some sites, magazines and stuff, so here you have quite a summary on bangs =) Sorry about the low quality of these 6 pictures. They're from some Peruvian magazine i didn't intend to buy, so I just took some pictures of it with my cellphone. On the first top three pictures, we can see long bangs (which are a little bit under the eyebrows) , picture 1 & 3 show denser bangs.

First we have short bangs. They are ideal from everyone who doesn't have a large forehead, this looks will create the image of a longer forehead. It doesn't matter how long your hair is, it will look amazing with short-length and long-length hair. There is also more dramatic ways to achieve these look (maybe three fingers over the eyebrows).

Second, we have the looooong bangs, wich Kate Moss has been rocking lately. These are my favourite. I really love Liv's (want mine to look like that).
And Third, the swept side bangs, classy and probably the safest. Nicole Richie's all-the-time look and also, the way I'm keeping my bangs right now. Vanessa Hudgens seems to love side swept bangs too & although, this is not a recent picture of Mischa Barton, bangs were great on her.


Bonnie Wright & katie leung: Their style

Lately many sites (including this one) have been paying much more attention on Emma Watson's good choices in fashion. Actually she deserves that recognition, she has improved quite a lot over the years, specially this year. Anyways, I'm not going to talk about Emma anymore on this post. The girls I'm gonna talk about on this post are also famous because of their roles on Harry Potter movies.

They're both so pretty and unique, and hey! both of their characters get to kiss Harry ;). Besides being that cute, they know how to dress indeed. They're Bonnie Wright and Katie Leung.


Bonnie's 16 (just as i am) and she's the perfect redhead to play Ginny Weasley. I find her style pretty up to date, usually adding vintage accesories such as oversized glasses and random necklaces. Let's see some pictures.

She takes it easy, goes for a simple black dress adding fun colours, such as red & lemon green. On the first pic, we can see her carrying her little On the pictures shown above we can see how Bonnie loves wearing tights. The first outfit looks pretty nice, everything looks alright together, even the shoes. On the second outfit, she rocks some summer dress with a high neck top inside plus a dark-green cardigan. Finally, on the third picture, she achieved a perfect naive look and her hair looks perfect for the outfit.

On the first picture, I'm loving her vintage oversized glasses and the hoop earrings. In the second one, who would mind owning a little Louis Vuitton bag? Not me ;)


Katie's 20 and we all know her mostly for her role of Cho Chang, who is the girl Harry likes and blahblahblah and they even got to kiss in the 5th book, plus I'm sure most of us saw the kiss on the big screen (OoTP). But Katie's not only that, she's one of the coolest young fashionistas. I have no idea who the first & third dresses belong to, but I'm pretty sure the golden one in the middle is Lanvin. above: the first dress is quite lovely. On the second picture, she's wearing a leopardDolce&gabanna dress and I love her black oxfords. Uh, in the third photograph, those purple tights totally make the outfit.


Spring 2007 Runway - make up review

Which one would you pull off the next season?


Black, grey & blue

Anna Sui
Glittery purple & blueKarl Lagerfeld
Rainbow inspiration: blue/turquoise & yellow


Badgley Mischka
Hot pink
Dark red



Knit parade

Although, in Peru, we're in Spring, it isn't that hot. At midday, is kind of hot, but it gets cold by the evening. That's why I'm not giving up on cardigans & other sweaters until probably December, when we instead of snow, as we see in almost every Christmas movie, have a hot hot weather (It's quite disappointing, i know). I also love cardigans, because i gain a lot of weight when it's fall [you know, lots of chocolates and sweets ;)] and they hide my belly =P
Can't remember which collection each of these dresses belongs to, and i have to say I'm too lazy to make a research =$ .
(credit: style.com)

Many celebrities seem to know, cardigans are hot right know and got their own in their favourite colours. Fun to see, as we saw quite a lot of black & grey on the runway.

Nicky Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson & Sienna Miller

Sophia Bush, Lauren Conrad, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner & in the last pictures, Vanessa Hudgens rocking her American Eagle long cardigans.

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton & Sienna, again