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Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2010 collection.

My favourite colletion from Milan Fashion week. Loving the lace (notice the Madona's Like a virgin influence, anyone?), big knickers, corsets, knit pieces & mixed prints. Some people might think this is the romantic trend again, but those sexy red lips suggest a different interpretation from the naive women we've already seen last season. As said by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, “In the end, the women ask for really sexy.”

Definitivamente, esta es mi colección favorita de la semana de la moda en Milán. Los vestidos de encaje (muy a lo Madonna & like a virgin), la mezcla de estampados floreados, los corsets, los trajes de baño tejidos de hilo. Muchos deben pensar que la tendencia continúa yendo por la senda romántica; sin embargo, los labios color rojo de las modelos sugieren otro tipo de mujer, una más sensual que aquella algo ingenua que se nos ha venido vendiendo hasta ahora. Como explicaron Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana: "al final, las mujeres pedirán algo muy sexy".

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Burberry Prorsum: Spring 2010 collection.

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Burberry Prorsum: Front row & after party.

Yesterday, with Alexa Chung as DJ and the kooks performing, Burberry Prorsum's after party hold at the Horseferry House (London, UK) was the place to be.

Ayer se celebró la fiesta por el final de la semana de la moda en Londres, luego del show de Burberry Prorsum. Con Alexa Chung de dj y una de mis bandas favoritas como The kooks tocando, la idea de cuán genial hubiera sido estar ahí no deja de rondar por mi cabeza.

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Alexander Wang: Spring 2010 collection.

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Backstage: Erin Wasson x RVCA S/S 2010

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Irina Lazareanu's new haircut.

If someone ever asked me who are on my top 10 prettiest girls, Irina would made it into the list, without a doubt. She's such beautiful creature (Si alguien me preguntara alguna vez quiénes están en la lista de las diez mujeres que considero más bellas, Irina estaría, sin duda. Qué criatura para más hermosa).

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Rag & Bone: Spring 2010 Collection

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This is pop: Pop Magazine #21

You must have noticed by now, that I don't post every fashion editorial that comes out in this blog. Probably because there are already great sites out there that focus on that, but mainly because there is subjectivity in what we all find beautiful, which would make this a blog that shows what's unique to me. As selfish as it might sound to some, we, bloggers, post on things we like for sure and consider you, as readers, may like (being that the reason why I grin shyly everytime I read your comments saying you enjoyed a post featured on this site). All the posts I've made on photography show pictures I find amazing (some inspire me more than others, you'll know that because I usually take time to write paragraphs on the ones I like the most). Now, I've come clean about that, I have to say that since I posted on Sam Hessamian's work, no pictures had left me so blown away until I saw Viviane Sassen's portfolio. On that time there were pictures from an editorial full of portraits she did for Foam magazine, called Flamboya. I was left speechless not only for the beauty of her shots, but because of her thoughts on "otherness" as a way of (gender, ethnic, age, etc.) segregation and adopting the elimination of any kind of discrimination as a imperative. This is pop shows a chamaleonic artist behind the lense, a woman who can deal with social topics and aesthetics as well. This editorial is about fashion as we've never seen it before, full of eccentric details and styling. Images are coming next (not all, just my favourites, but you can check out the rest of it on the credits in the end), hope you enjoy watching them as much as I did.

Photographer: Viviane Sassen
Model: Kinga Rajzak
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Find what you love (but don't let it kill you).

Believe it or not, I don't suffer while making collages of pieces with outrageous price tags and whose look-alikes will be a little challenging to find in my country. I think it has to do with the fact I'm not fashion obsessed. Although I do enjoy dressing up a lot, I'm usually conscious about spending money (quality and cut are key factors when I invest in a piece of clothing) and strongly believe style is not about throwing away massive loads of money on the clothes that are "in" right now (that would be more like being a fashion slave), but about mixing, matching and being creative. Having said that, here's a collage I've made of some items I consider quite unique and wouldn't mind having if their costs didn't affect my budget that much.

1. Tulle Iris skirt, Camilla and Marc
2. Zip seam denim short, Reformed for Urban Outfitters
3. Striped mohair-blend sweater, Marc Jacobs
4. Boxy stripe pullover sweater, BDG
5. Studded tote bag, Novella Royale
6. Ring, Matina Aminita
7. Multi Buckle wedge booties, Chloë Sevigny for Open Ceremony


Dias claros: Elle Brazil August 2009

Photographer: Fabio Bartelt
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PS. Some of the other pictures on the blog aren't working, it's because, according to photobucket, I've exceeded the bandwidth limit. Quite annoying, I know, but don't worry they've told me the images will be up again tomorrow. Anyway, I think I'll be using tinypic from now and on. Bandwidth is quite an issue for me, because I host my stuff on free sites and there's a limit for that. I've noticed some sites (not commenters, not on my links list) are hotlinking (direct linking to this web site's files, from my photobucket account to be more exact) my archives instead of saving them to their own servers and then uploading them to the net. I don't think their intentions are bad, but I do believe they're not aware of the consequences of direct linking. But, oh well, let's hope this doesn't happen again.


Wildfox Couture Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

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