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Keira Knightley wearing stripped tee and beanie.

Keira's outfit is simple, yet so chic. Plus, I have to admit these pictures are lovely.
My 5th semester at uni came to an end last week and I'm enjoying my mid-year holidays at the moment. I'm off to Cuzco with some friends, I've been there before, but hopefully this time will be as nice. I'll be coming back in 7 days. See you until then (;


Natasha Khan's style

"Bat for lashes" is Natasha Khan's band. I've been listening a lot to her lately, the whimsical sound amazes me. But she's not only daring in music terms, but in the way she shows herself to the world: covered in gold jewerly, feathers, sequins and dramatic make-up (all at once). Not being mainstream is pretty much a quality these days and Natasha's not scared to be the eccentric one of the gang, which makes her truly a character.

By the way, just if you're curious about how she sounds: Her songs Glass & What's a girl to do are great (make sure you check out the videoclip on youtube). Also, I highly recommend her Use Somebody (originally by the kings of Leon) cover.

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Marc Jacobs FW '09

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What Emma Watson wore this week: Harry Potter premieres & more.

1. At David Letterman show, wearing a nude chiffon dress by Christopher Kane.
2. Harry Potter New York premiere.
3. London press conference, wearing a jewel encrusted Proenza Schouler dress.
4. Harry Potter London premiere, wearing a vintage Ossie Clark dress from te 70s.

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Some pictures by Sam Hessamian.



I like Black and white pictures, specially close-ups. They have something special, they let my imagination fly. It probably has to do with me and my fascination for everything that looks older than a century. Sam Hessamian's work is great: he does a lot of b&w shooting and he seems to love high contrast photos as much as I do. That's not very common in the fashion industry, as most fashion photographers prefer color pictures because they want us to focus in the model's attire, while the whole "evoking feelings" thing is left aside. Of course, that doesn't happen with Hessamian's work, in which elegance and emotions blend perfectly.

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Mary Kate Olsen and her bike in NY.

Riding a bike is great for avoiding traffic and reducing air pollution and MK is smart enough to know that's a fact.

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Cheap Monday: SS 2010 collection.

Cheap Monday looks for spring/summer 2010 seem like inspired by the whole grunge subculture. The collection is full of distressed denim and shredded cotton pieces, both on the list of what we've already seen on DIY projects and Alexander Wang's work. What I do find interesting is the patching work. I love the fact that the patches are very feminine and such, it balances the whole grungy vibe. Also, we should notice Ann-Sofie Back's contribution to this collection. She, as Cheap Monday's new head designer, was in charge of everything but jeans, which remained under Orjan Andersson's control (founder of the brand). Yes, that would mean those dresses, sweaters and knitwear come directly from Ann-Sofie's mind.

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Coco avant Chanel.

I was wondering... has any of you already seen this movie?
Audrey Tautou looks stunning on it.


A couple of shots by Sandra Freij

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Quirky stuff from Topshop.

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Chloé FW '09

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NO Magazine #6 editorial

Photographer: Karen Inderbitzen Waller
Model: Zippora Seven
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Leslie Feist wearing white tights.

Thought these pictures were beautiful. Plus, I'm in love with everything Feist is (that includes her indie attitude, voice, pretty bangs and sense of style).

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East side story: Vogue Nippon August 2009

Photographer: David Mushegain
Model: Bette Franke
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