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Never thought two different prints could actually work together

Dress: vintage
Cardigan: axxs
Scarf: topitop
Shoes: bata
Tights: unknown
Bag: h&m

New dress.

It's floral. It's short. Used to belong to my mom, now it's mine. I love it.


Long or short?

Last year it was all about mini-dresses, now (although minis are still okay and not gone) long dresses are getting really popular among the celebrities. They are very fresh looking and perfect for summer/spring. Of course, you can also wear them when it's not very hot, like keira did by adding a cardigan.

Gwen Stefani, Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie & Rachel Bilson

For an everyday look, here you have some (kind of cheap) options to achieve that relaxed look:


One piece, three looks

I really love Kate, she has a delightful taste when it's about fashion, plus she's one of the few Hollywood actresses who gets the effortless chic trend right. She has been wearing the same oversized cardigan quite a lot lately. I don't blame her, because it's such a practical piece. Which look did you like best?


Channeling the 70s: Light denim

We've already seen how Alexander Wang's runway collection was full of light denim for spring. Of course, some celebrities noticed that and took notes because it seems like some of them have already found the perfect pair of pale jeans for summer.

Kate Bosworth, Kate Moss, Kelly Brook & Vanessa Hudgens


Floral Inspiration

Mischa Barton has her own ups and downs when it comes to fashion. At the beginning of this month, Mischa attended the "Event To Prevent" in new York City. I know she has received very much bad feedback because of her weight and these high-waisted trousers she wore. I get it, the high waisted trend is a hard trend, but in my opinion she pulled it off nicely, besides, hey, not everyone is as skinny as a stick and naturally, the ones who aren't have curves and hips.

I don't know If you agree or disagree with me, but I do like the outfit she wore. I love tight on top, baggier on bottom when it comes to high waist pieces. I specially loved her top and after seeing these swimsuits i felt like they were a great idea to wear as bodies too.


On the 'blog situation'

I know I haven't been putting enough effort on this site and it sucks to not be able to do anything about it. I know I haven't answered most of the comments although I said I would do it, which is probably one of the main reasons I'm getting less visits. My mid-terms evaluations ended up yesterday and I'm incredibly tired because I haven't slept a decent amount of hours during the whole week. Now I'm free and I I'll try to focus more on this site, I don't want to leave the fashion blogosphere, not now, not in a million years.

I'm really sorry if this site disappointed you in any way, I'll do my best to fix everything again and I'll try to post at least a couple times a week. Some of you asked me to exchange links, I remember that I linked some, but if you have already added me and I haven't yet, make sure you let me know by commenting on this post.

The last time I went shopping was like two months ago, so yeah not much to tell about my own wardrobe really. I have been saving money to buy a present for my mom (here, mother's day is this Sunday), although she says she doesn't really care about gifts, I still plan to buy her a little surprise.

New layout up. What do you think about it?


The lovely Lauren tagged me to answer this incredibly fun but long meme. So here you have my answers, and make sure you visit her, she has an amazing site, it's really worth a look.

5 Things found in my bag/purse:
1. Mobile Phone, I'm lost without it.
2. Bottle of water
3. Bubble gum
4. Anything to read (usually related to the subjects I'm taking at uni)
5. Music player (my mornings in the bus would be boring without one of those)

5 Favorite Things in my Room
1. My bed, I would usually lay in it while watching tv or reading.
2. My tv, I love it, It's very vintage.
3. My clothes, of course.
4. The wall in front of my bed, because It's full of pictures of me, my sister, fashion inspiration and Jim Morrison (the hotness).
5. My stereo and cds

5 Things I've Always Wanted to Do:
1. Go backpacking around South america. For real.
2. Learn Portuguese
3. Be a professional photographer and work in communications
4. Dance ballet again. I used to do it when I was a kid, now I feel like it's not time anymore.
5. Get really really really drunk and have a sober friend who records the stuff I do in that state.

5 Things I'm Currently Into
1. Sociology
2. Environmental problems
3. Learning German (I'll start my lessons tomorrow)
4. After such an stressful week, the only thing I wanna do this weekend is party like a rock star.
5. Effortless chic

5 Impressions of Lauren
1. She has such a cute smile!
2. She's very reality conscious, she writes about eco-friendly items and the importance of buying american made clothing to benefit her country's economy.
3. She had the coolest idea for Halloween last year, she dressed up as Holly Golightly, isn't that awesome?
4. When it comes to fashion, she tries everything.
5. I believe she's a little shorter than me :)