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More on denim...

I thought I could give you some ideas of where to find your ideal denim mini dress... just in case Alexa influenced your latest wishlist.


Miss Selfridge


Which one did you like the most?

Alexa Chung wearing a denim dress.

I have to confess Alexa Chung has been my favourite brit for the last six months, I just can't help loving every outfit she puts together. Here you can find her walking around London the other day, I guess the weather isn't getting any warmer yet. Fortunately, she seems to be pretty good at layering and made me fall in love with her denim dress + flannel shirt + blazer combo.

After watching this pictures, I've been reminded I already have a denim dress and... I haven't exactly worn it yet. Perfect. Now I feel guilty.


This is an official invitation to visit my lands (;

As some of you might know, Peru has three geographic regions: coast, highlands (the "Andes") and jungle. I live in Lima, which is situated in the central coast, but I strongly believe that the sierra (highlands) offers the most beautiful landscapes I could possibly think of. I visited Ancash a couple of weeks ago and with such pretty views taking pictures was a must.

Sybilla oversized bag | Zara hammer trousers | Marquis booties | Ralph Lauren plaid shirt| Topshop beanie | Primark sunglasses


Rose pattern

I like roses and tulips, you could tell they're my favourite flowers and it's great we can wear them (and by wearing them I don't mean using them as hair decoration). Floral pieces have been a basic in most girl's wardrobes since the beginning of 2008 and they're are still in, but if you want me to be a little bit more specific... is all about roses now.


Chloë Sevigny at the Coachella Fest.

With her socks tucked into sandals and round sunglasses, she's the only one, who in my humble opinion, dressed properly for the occasion. I'm very conscious about the proper idea being very subjetive, but then I repeat that's just my opinion. Her outfit was creative and didn't make her look out of place. Also both dresses were a smart choice in confort terms, mainly becase of the dresses' volume that were alright for sitting over the ground without showing any panties (which I reckon would have happened if she had worn a bandage skirt, like poor Kate Bosworth who stayed sitting on her knees most of the time).


Two days more, please.

Here's the deal: I'm lacking of photoshop. My computer was revamped and basically, I don't have any graphic design software in my pc at the moment which means I can't resize pictures or make any decent collage for the blog. I thought I could fix it tonight, but my computer decided to act quite annoying and seems like I'll be making my comeback in a couple of days yet. Stay tunned, you'll be hearing from me in the next days (;