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Fashion at Emma Watson's 18th Birthday

As some of you might now, Emma watson turned eighteen on 15th this month. She had dinner at "Automat", a restaurant in London, but the pictures have just started to pop out. So here you have some pictures of what the Harry Potter girls wore to the event.

I know it should be all about Emma, but I have to say my favourite this time was Bonnie wright who wore a lovely Miu Miu brocade coat and paired it with tights. Now, Emma's on second place in an all black outfit, she kept it classy, black minidress, black pointy flats and bare-legged. On the other hand, I felt a little disappointed with Katie, I expected something more glamorous from her and she ended looking too casual for the opportunity, wearing footless leggings.


Glasses and sunglasses :)

I have no idea how it happened but I have 6 pairs of sunglasses now, which is okay I guess and not really a waste of money as they're all 'wannabes'. I also have a couple of glasses, which I have to wear to watch tv, to be in front of the computer and to read.

And just because Someone requested some pictures of me and my oversized geeky glasses...
PS. Excuse the silly faces (:


How could not love it?

I recently bought this awesome t-shirt from Designers lovers. It's actually a man t-shirt and i love it to bits because no one in Peru has one that looks exactly the same because it was made specially for me (:


You can say it's the peruvian version of the american 'I love new York' Tee :)

Tagged three times

I know I've been missing for a while (15 days, exactly), which is pretty unusual in me as I try to post at least once a week. I usually return home too tired at night only to read books from uni or to check my e-mails. Just in case you get curious to find how am I doing, I post daily on my fotolog account, mainly because it's easier, telling how I spent my day as if it was a diary is the only thing I do on it.

However, I don't feel like giving up this site, but i also don't like keeping posting when I know I won't be able to return all your comments, so I prefer to not post until I have the time to read all your blogs and answer your comments on them. Returning nearly 50 comments it's not a think that can be done quickly, mostly because I try to read the whole posts (is the least thing I can do after you're all so nice leaving such lovely comments).

I have to thank Jovana, Aficionada and E. Jay, for giving me a reason to post as I've been lacking of inspiration for posts in the last couple weeks. Yeah, Dunno were my imagination went. Oh and I'm sorry, but the only rule I'll be following is number three [the one which says what I really have to do after being tagged: telling about 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about me], hope you excuse me for doing that.

1. I used to have a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter series when I was in puberty. Everyone knew about it and whenever he was on TV everyone was like "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaisa, look at this!". It was not only about his looks or physical appearance, it was also his kind of shy and respectful attitude what I found adorable about him (plus that wickedly cool british accent and great teaste for music). Actually, I won't deny I still find him cute.

2. I don't use instant messenger much. It really bores me as I feel like it doesn't allow me to express myself properly. I really love face to face conversations, I can spend hours and hours just listening and talking. Having conversations is the coolest thing to do in my spare time, specially if i have a drink - not necessarily alcoholic ones - in hand. I love talking about everything, music, politics, social topics, silly stuff... and as i said, about everything.

3. I haven't tried marijuana

4. I'm very good at remembering faces. I can recognize people that I used to be friends with when I was like six.

5. I love going out at night in summer because I hate sunny days.

6. I just realized that haven't got any band tee, which is pretty weird considering I love many bands. I might start soon to make my own collection of them.

By the way, I went to the riders on the storm concert on 18th April, it was SO cool and my friend's birthday party is tomorrow, so yeah, I bet I'll have a great time there too. I'll try to return comments today.


This is me.

Let's face it, when most of us take pictures for our blogs, they're not really taken in our most natural/spontaneous moments because we tend to pose so when can show the outfit in all its glory. I usually ask my sister to take pictures or take them myself. Those pictures are fine and I like them (very much indeed), but standing straight and looking to some random point it's not the usual way we do it in real life, right? This is the way I do it and well this is me, all the pictures were taken in uni by various friends (except for the last one, usual mirror picture). The first two were actually unexpected and in the first one, the friend near me is looking at my geeky glasses (she didn't like them very much, actually almost nobody did, they kept saying how funny/weird/unflattering/nerdy they were) while I talk to somebody (yeah I look angry, i know). Oh and yeah, I wear braces, my hair is messy and the star in my outfit, in my humble opinion, is that multi-coloured belt (peruvian handicraft), I love it.

I promise I'll come with something more creative in the next days, I don't want to turn this site into a personal style blog, I like posting on celebrities and runway trends too. I'll return comments as soon as possible. Again I have like +500 pages to read for the weekend and it's making me sick.


Turning a tank into a skirt = Fun

When i made the post on celebrities wearing bandage skirts, I felt very surprised and particularly inspired when I read how some of you who hadn't found the perfect one managed to make your own out of a cotton top, I mean how creative is that? Yeah, now you know what I mean when I say that fashion ideas come from everywhere, not only runway, not only flashy magazines. Here's the result of the "turning a tank into a skirt" project, pictures all taken by me (in the usual camera in hand mode) as my sister was too busy to help (at least that's what I heard her say) and I am quite a lazy-arse who didn't want to set the tripod. Oh, and just to make it clear, those are high heels I'm wearing on the pictures.

Oh, last but not least, I would like to link Jimena, we attend the same university and met once (it was pretty casual), she's very nice and she opened her own blog a couple weeks ago :)


More hair stuff.

I went shopping with my mom on Saturday's morning. I was pretty dissapointed because I didn't find the perfect floral dress I was looking for, but I consoled myself by buying some hair accesories (including floral hair clips) and CDs and later at night, going to a very cozy restaurant to eat pancakes with my family. I know I've mentioned before my addiction to headbands, so I couldn't resist buying some new for my collection. Oh and the heart clips are a gift from a friend, blue is my favourite colour :)

Party time


Dear 'Coloured Bleu',
Today's your birthday and although I've had many blogs before, you're the first one I keep for more than 365 days, which makes you special indeed for me and a living proof of that when you love something you stick with it.
Thanks for all the good times and I promise taking care of you so we can celebrate much more anniversaries together
Aisha (blogger and mom)

Of course, nothing of these could ever happen without all your support, so thanks for everything to my beloved readers and fellow bloggers. Coloured bleu exists not only because I post on it every week, but because of you and for you.


The vest is a basic piece now.

I bought a vest myself a couple weeks ago (i posted pictures of it), it's from Mango and I wear it quite a lot. Not much to say, but tomorrow will be an special day, you'll probably understand what I mean when I post about it tomorrow.

Alexa Chung, Kate Moss & Emma Watson


Don't think twice, just watch

First, new layout up! any comments?, you might know by now, i can't stand keeping up the same layout for much time (i get bored easily), so here it is and second, I'll start returning comments immediately after finishing this post.

The pictures I used on the layout are from Vogue UK march issue, and well I really loved the photoshoot, not only because the pictures were taken by the very talented Mario Testino, but because they were taken in my country, Peru, not in my City, but in one I really love and hope can come back soon which is Cuzco, in the highlands, some of you might have heard about it (Has anyone ever heard of the capital of the Inca empire or Machu Picchu?), or maybe it's just because I feel very related to the locations where these pictures took place that I see even more beauty on them , what do you think?

I can't believe I missed this issue, but better now than never, so here you have the pictures (the one I put first is my favourite).


I wanna be 18 too :)

Hey everyone, I am the worst blogger around, aren't I? I'm really sorry for not posting as much as I used to before classes started. Things here are working fine with a lot of stuff to read, of course. Tomorrow I have two tests, one is Drama and it will be about a Plautu's play called The Brothers Menaechmus, have you read it? if not, I highly recommend it, it's really great. I also will be taking a test on Ferdinand de Saussure's course in General Linguistics, which well, is giving me a little bit of a hard time because it's difficult to understand (probably, because the translation from french to spanish isn't good - it contains a lot of mistakes - or at least that's just my humble opinion).

Moving on to other stories, a friend turned eighteen yesterday, we went to T.G.I. Friday's, I had Garlic chicken & pasta. We took a lot of pictures (and one video) and the staff sang her 'Happy Birthday' with a cajón (kinda like a box drum made of wood) and one of the guys danced with her, oh and of course i made sure I told the waiter (he was so nice) that my friend was turning eighteen so he gave her a drank which we made her drink straight up :) I didn't took any pictures of the complete outfit i wore yesterday, so the pictures below are just of my first attempt with the gold-sparkly tights i posted about a long long long time ago (actually, the pictures are really old, you can notice that because of my swept-side bangs and shorter hair).

Dress: F&F
Tights: Cheap and chic by Moschino
Cardigan: axxs
Pumps: bata
Ring: gift from an aunt

Of course, I have to thank everyone who reads my blog and comments, I'll be returning comments this weekend and will work on new posts, I want to post everyday but have to work on my schedules and university first, I promise I'm gonna try my best to regularize this situation and organize my time better.