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I wanna be 18 too :)

Hey everyone, I am the worst blogger around, aren't I? I'm really sorry for not posting as much as I used to before classes started. Things here are working fine with a lot of stuff to read, of course. Tomorrow I have two tests, one is Drama and it will be about a Plautu's play called The Brothers Menaechmus, have you read it? if not, I highly recommend it, it's really great. I also will be taking a test on Ferdinand de Saussure's course in General Linguistics, which well, is giving me a little bit of a hard time because it's difficult to understand (probably, because the translation from french to spanish isn't good - it contains a lot of mistakes - or at least that's just my humble opinion).

Moving on to other stories, a friend turned eighteen yesterday, we went to T.G.I. Friday's, I had Garlic chicken & pasta. We took a lot of pictures (and one video) and the staff sang her 'Happy Birthday' with a cajón (kinda like a box drum made of wood) and one of the guys danced with her, oh and of course i made sure I told the waiter (he was so nice) that my friend was turning eighteen so he gave her a drank which we made her drink straight up :) I didn't took any pictures of the complete outfit i wore yesterday, so the pictures below are just of my first attempt with the gold-sparkly tights i posted about a long long long time ago (actually, the pictures are really old, you can notice that because of my swept-side bangs and shorter hair).

Dress: F&F
Tights: Cheap and chic by Moschino
Cardigan: axxs
Pumps: bata
Ring: gift from an aunt

Of course, I have to thank everyone who reads my blog and comments, I'll be returning comments this weekend and will work on new posts, I want to post everyday but have to work on my schedules and university first, I promise I'm gonna try my best to regularize this situation and organize my time better.

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WendyB dijo...

Great manicure!

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Love the tights!

Cordie dijo...

sick ringgggg girl


Chic Closet dijo...

Gorgeous ring, lovely fringe, yummy food! :)

Jovana dijo...

I can totally relate to the part about obligations on the university and better time organization...
The last picture is so cute, I love your ring!

ღ mey ♥¨`*•.¸¸.•*´¨♥ღ dijo...

ooh uau
i forgive you
nice blog, i really like it!!


Fashion-DiscipleXXX dijo...

you look cute, i love the shint tights and that ring is too special, and trust me you going to miss beeing you as you grow older, it has its pro's and cons, x

discothequechic dijo...

love the tights with the skirt (kind of looks like shorts here, which I like). they're very fun!

that food looks soso nice.

The Seeker dijo...

wow, you look so pretty !!!
Despite I'm vegetarian the food looks yummy.
Love your ring and manicure.


Romany dijo...

Omg I LOVE your ring - it's absolutely gorgeous! And you've beautiful hair too....I'm so jealous lol.

chloe van paris dijo...

i would like to get this ring

Ediot dijo...

i want your flawless beautiful skin :)
you look so cute!

iñaki dijo...

OH well, que le vamos a hacer! Somos gente ocupada! ha!
I really feel you, I know what it's like to having to deal with exams and projects yet be thinking of blogging but not having enough time!
Summer is close! ...kinda