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Shredded Stuff.

While everyone (which includes me, obviously) is totally in love with shredded denim, I think I've about found another cool way for wearing ripped stuff (I know that's gonna sound pretentious considering I haven't checked if other sites have posts on what I'm going to say next). I'm talking about ripped tees and mini-dresses which seem like an awesome option if you're reeeeeally into this trend. what about these stuff from Lonely hearts?


I love them all. I want them all.

It's interesting how everytime I surf the net I end up finding new obsessions, this time I've fallen in love with the rustic looking leather bags from Deadly Ponies. They're all hand made and have minimalist details. Be sure to check more of their stuff at their site.


The new trousers

I'm kind of boring when it comes to trousers. Sad, but the truth is I am not that risky when it comes to them. On friday, I was waiting for my mom at the mall (she was kind of late) when I decided to go and check some stores instead of waiting at the food court or sitting in some bench. I entered some store which said 40% off in women apparel. There they were in a corner of multi-coloured denim, I hadn't bought any clothing in a while so it was about time... I couldn't help myself and proceeded to grab a couple of them.


You want more posts on phography and I know it.

Although taking pictures with my non-profesional camera and watching pictures taken by others are two of the activities I enjoy the most, I've never posted much on photography on this blog. That surprised me much until the point I decided I had to make you a selection of some of my favourite photographers. The talented photographer featured today is Jonathan Leder. I don't have much to say on the images posted today (besides they're amazing), they speak for themselves (as cliché as it sounds). In case you're done with me, then make sure you check more of his work here (;


Blogging from uni. Philosophy's class starts in 15 minutes.

I don't know if she hired an stylist or not and I actually don't care, the fact Emma Watson is looking good these days is undeniable. My picks? 2nd, 3rd and the penultimate (it's a Marc Jacobs mini-dress, baby!). What do you think?


New layout

So... new layout up, it's simpler and I actually like it, I will be adding new stuff in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. I also have updated my blogroll a little bit, I deleted some links, basically blogs that are closed now. If you wanna be added to the links on the sidebar (below where it says "Exits"), just leave a message on this post (just make sure you have already added me to yours on your site). I also noticed some of the people I still have linked, don't have me on their links anymore (I'm guessing that is because I was away for so long), could you please add me again?

My Mid-Term Examinations ended yesterday. I think I'm gonna go out tonight, hopefully it will turn out pretty fun. For now, could you tell me your toughts on the new look? I'll be commenting back on Sunday (;


The slouchy boyfriend Jeans.

Tired of the skinnies, anyone? I won't say that is the end of the skinny jeans era, because I don't think we're all done with them yet. But, I will say that boyfriend jeans are definitely a great option these days. They look a lot more comfortable than skinnies and seem great for both cold and hot weather. Some celebrities, such as Kelly Minogue and Victoria Beckham, have given it a try, but I believe the most successfull on that asignment has been the always pretty Katie Holmes. I was surprissed to see how boyfriend jeans can be so versatile and look good even with heels. Here you have Katie wearing her slouchy and usually rolled-up jeans.


The comeback of the penny loafers (and mine also)

When there are many great sites out there, making a difference with yours is not as easy as it sounds. I created this blog to keep you entertained and informated about the latest trends around the world, not only in the runways but in how the people (celebrities or not) are carrying them and until some days ago I couldn't think about anything innovative, because, you know, fashion has been quite the same for a while now (I'm talking about bandage skirts + basic tees + florals + tights combos, which are cool, but not that interesting anymore). Anyway, With the upcoming SS trends, I think there is a lot of new material for new bloggage.

Moving on to more relevant stuff, here's what I'm loving lately: Penny Loafers. First of all, they're practical and comfy (the flat ones), I love them flat, they'll bring such a cool college/school/masculine vibe to your outfits. It seems like the preppy look it's finally making an appeareance!

The trend is not very popular in Hollywood or bloggers yet, but I found these pictures of some brave ones who have been walking the streets in them. Here's some inspiration for you!

The laid-back look

Katie Holmes shows us how to wear penny loafers in a normal day, grab your favourite pair of straight leg jeans, a baggy cardigan and a scarf. The result? simple yet fashion.

The Feminine look

To achieve this look a cute mini dress or a skirt will do alright. You can add a bunch of accessories (just make sure they're all not too matchy to make it more interesting) like Alexa Chung did or just keep it simple like the lovely Kirsten.

The rock and roll look

Kelly Osbourne has been looking a lot better these days and she definitely was thinking right when she dressed like this. As Ozzy's daughter, she sure knows how to work a rock and roll look. The beanie and the plaid blazer are key elements on this outfit, you can also try with a flannel shirt to achieve a more grungy look.


Last, but not least. Thanks to everyone who kept checking the site and left nice comments and sent me e-mails reminding me of the site. You're all sweethearts :)