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The comeback of the penny loafers (and mine also)

When there are many great sites out there, making a difference with yours is not as easy as it sounds. I created this blog to keep you entertained and informated about the latest trends around the world, not only in the runways but in how the people (celebrities or not) are carrying them and until some days ago I couldn't think about anything innovative, because, you know, fashion has been quite the same for a while now (I'm talking about bandage skirts + basic tees + florals + tights combos, which are cool, but not that interesting anymore). Anyway, With the upcoming SS trends, I think there is a lot of new material for new bloggage.

Moving on to more relevant stuff, here's what I'm loving lately: Penny Loafers. First of all, they're practical and comfy (the flat ones), I love them flat, they'll bring such a cool college/school/masculine vibe to your outfits. It seems like the preppy look it's finally making an appeareance!

The trend is not very popular in Hollywood or bloggers yet, but I found these pictures of some brave ones who have been walking the streets in them. Here's some inspiration for you!

The laid-back look

Katie Holmes shows us how to wear penny loafers in a normal day, grab your favourite pair of straight leg jeans, a baggy cardigan and a scarf. The result? simple yet fashion.

The Feminine look

To achieve this look a cute mini dress or a skirt will do alright. You can add a bunch of accessories (just make sure they're all not too matchy to make it more interesting) like Alexa Chung did or just keep it simple like the lovely Kirsten.

The rock and roll look

Kelly Osbourne has been looking a lot better these days and she definitely was thinking right when she dressed like this. As Ozzy's daughter, she sure knows how to work a rock and roll look. The beanie and the plaid blazer are key elements on this outfit, you can also try with a flannel shirt to achieve a more grungy look.


Last, but not least. Thanks to everyone who kept checking the site and left nice comments and sent me e-mails reminding me of the site. You're all sweethearts :)

18 comentarios:

Romeika dijo...

Glad you're back!!! I've been trying to find the perfect loafers it's been a while. It's so comfy and chic.

Bojana dijo...

Yay you're back!! I'm back too heehee

Penny Loafers : I hate the shoe, but in some outfits I think it an look really cool.

WendyB dijo...

Welcome back!

coco dijo...

You know, I really hate this look. But if anything would change my mind it would be this post. You have found some really great examples, I just really disslike it.

e.jay dijo...

Glad to see you back! I have a patent leather pair of loafers that I have been obsessed with since I bought them a week ago! Most are so adorable to me.

yiqin; dijo...

ah I love all the looks :) I love penny loafers!

Aretha dijo...

Hola Aisha, tanto tiempo! Que bueno que volviste, gracias por los comentarios sobre mi gusto musical :)
Con respecto a estos zapatos, me recuerdan muchísimo mi infancia y época de escolar jaja, ahi todos los usaban

LML dijo...

YAY! you're back, blogging just isnt the same without coloured bleu!!!

i am a fan of penny loafers - i have them in hot pink and black!

Imelda dijo...

I'm glad to see you're back!
And I love this post, I really need to get my hands on a pair of loafers!

Jimena dijo...

Me ENCANTAN. No estaba segura que eran Penny Loafers pero despues de ver tu post me di cuenta que tengo un par! Es negro hiper clasico y no me lo he puesto jamas. Los compre cuando trabajaba en el restaurant y tenia que usar zapatos hiper comodos.
Jamas me los puse y los rechace pero creo que estan geniales para la primavera.

Good inspiration. Estoy esperando mi nueva camara de fotos. Llega el miercoles. Ahi empezare a postear de nuevo. Pero no se porque me provoca como empezar un nuevo blog desde cero. Ya te avisare.

Glad to have you back ;)

ryder dijo...

very practical soes, but a person must rock them to be stylish and cool. so if u do: congrats!

Cate dijo...

You're back... I've been wondering... Don't you ever give up on your blog agaiN!
Hm I like those men's shoes. But I like the ones with shoelaces more.
Who could wear the trend first, other than katie holmes??
By the way.. isn't it Alexa Chung in the photo, not Katie Leung? Anyway, whoever it is, she's so stylish.

evie dijo...

Trust Kirsten to rock the penny loafers. And welcome back :)

iñaki dijo...

I am kind of biased when it comes to penny loafers. In Spain everybody has always worn them, specially guys. So I can't be objective.
But i have to say I love the way they work in the looks you posted.


jose_airam dijo...

Hace unos tres meses le regalé a mi padre un par.Por aquí se llaman castellanos y como dicen arriba me recuerdan a mi época escolar.
Un placer que te pasaras por mi blog!

Elle dijo...

Lol. Who knew that these could make such a fashion statement eh?

copperoranges dijo...

my parents always bought penny loafers as my dress shoes when i was younger .. it's nice to see they're making a come back!

Buy Women Leather Shorts dijo...

I've been trying to find the perfect loafers