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White denim

White denim is just a classic. One of the good facts of having a pair of these is that you can wear them to work, where you can't usually wear denim, because they'll look dressy and elegant enough. At starters i felt like this was a Summer/Spring trend but by seeing the images below I realized that they can look still amazing with a cardigan for autumn (=

Hilary Duff, Kate Middleton, Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham & Emma Watson

While Jlo, Kate & Hil went for knit cardigans, Emma and Vanessa mixed their white jeans with summery tops creating a whole refreshing look. Victoria, as usual, is wearing a very matching outfit, white denim (of her own brand), a really tight silver top and silver pumps.



I've been in love with Balenciaga's ethnic scarves since I saw them for the first time, they're are just too beautiful to not be noticed. Balenciaga's fall collection is probably one of my favorites so far, I'm just amazed by the cool colour combinations of and how a ethnic scarf looks good with blazers and preppy outfits.

I've been looking for celebrities wearing ethnic scarves or at least, a similar one, I've searched almost everywhere but can't find pictures, so i guess that celebrities aren't really into them at the moment. Anyways, I still found pictures of celebrities wearing common & normal (but cute) scarves.

In the pictures below, you can see Ashlee Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff.

I was doing some research and i found some cool scarves at Urban outfitters. The third one kind of llooks like Balenciaga's style.

Thanks for the 27 wonderful comments, you guys are so amazing and rocked my world today when i read each one =). I'll return comments asap.



The not-so-loved high waisted trousers

This is the trend everyone loves to hate. Some say it's a hard trend to pull off, but if you have already decided to buy a pair, then take a look at the next pictures to check out some outfits.

Fergie, Rachel, Mary-Kate & Keira are the ones, in my opinion, who pulled them off in a nice way. They kept it simple and wore slim tops (save for MK, who is rocking a masculine look and there's no way she could have achieved to look this cool if she had worn a tight tank top). I think high waisted trousers look cool in most fabrics, but denim, although Rachel showed us that it can look pretty if you are prudent enough with the size of the zipper.
If you have some curves, you should totally try the corset waist jeans like Fergie did.


Coloured denim

Spring's coming on september here. Stores are showing on their adds this trend they call "lolipop" and is all about very 80s outfits with bright colours. It really sucks Spring's coming as I looove fall trends so much. I think I'll stay with my fall treasures until it gets too hot.

On the pictures:
up - Ashlee Simpson, Fergie & Rihanna
down - Fergie, rachel Bilson & posh


The High Waisted skirt

Sorry for the lack of bloggage, but I have very good excuses indeed.
1. Vacations are over. I went back to college on monday. This would be my second cycle (My career lasts five years, 10 cycles). And professors have already given us a lot of reading to do. I keep going to the library almost everyday.

2. I got my braces on Sunday. It actually sucks and hurts so much right now. I can't eat almost anything because i can't chew, so i have to eat smashed potatos and soup. I also have to drink plenty of water (the dentist said so). Hate them but as they said I'm gonna like the results, so i'll just have to wait (at least one and a half year). They look so ugly =/ and I swear I'll never smile again =P haha. Just kidding.... or maybe not =/

That's enough about my life =). Now, let's pass to the cool stuff:

The High waisted skirt trend is getting very popular among the runway, celebrities and I have even seen fashion bloggers rocking them. This is THE skirt of the season and I personally find it pretty cool and it can turn random outfits into elegant and sophisticated ones, still looking feminine.The high waisted trend doesn't look good at everyone I know, but It's considered the most flattering version of this look, and I agree.

And last but not least, you can see Mischa wearing a skirt that looks pretty much like the Alice Mccall one (not sure if it's the same), not sure about this outfit and Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny Weasley on Harry Potter series) has a high waisted flower skirt matched with a simple tee and tights, the outfit looks pretty rad in my opinion, It's very different than we've seen before, but i still think is kind of cute.

Mischa, Victoria, Katie & Ashley chose a skirt over the knee, while the others wanted it to lay under it. Just surfing on the internet I found these.
By the way, i got the august latin-american issue of Vogue magazine some weeks ago =).


Just Bought: lace-up ankle boots

With all the earthquake madness I almost forgot posting about the new layout I put up the other day, finally I kinda understand how to do that thing by reviewing the html of the blog. Hope you like it =)

I went shopping with my mom last week and saw these booties but they didn't have my size, so I requested they guy if they could make a pair in my size and he said yes and that they'll be ready for today. My mother went for them today's afternoon and now they're here with me.



It was yesterday at night and it caught me when I was at the mall shopping with my mum and sister. It lasted 2 minutes and had a magnitude of 7.9 (ritcher scale) according to the USGS. it was shocking, I thought everything was gonna fall, i was sorta preparing myself mentally to accept that. Everyone screaming everywhere, people was in panic. Hopefully, me and my family are alright.

I can't sleep, they said it might happen again between 2-4 am Of Thursday 16th, so yeah.

There weren't too many accidents where I live, Lima. The biggest damages were in Pisco (which is located in Ica, under Lima region). They've already registered over 70 dead people and over 600 injured.


Wide leg trousers

After the skinnies craze, the latest trend for trousers are the ones. These are on of the top trends coming in for fall and everyone's talking about them.

1. If you want to wear wide-legged trousers, make sure you wear tight clothes on your hupper half.
2. You can wear your shirt tucked in for a casual look and blouses for a more sophisticated look
3. Wearing a pair of high heels is the best thing you can do, it would look really ugly with your trousers dragging on the ground, it'd ruin the whole outfit for sure.

We've seen katie Holmes with a new haircut and new wardrobe, and of course including wide leg trousers in it was a must. She has been seen lately wearing them everywhere, she just can't get tired of them.

Another celebrities who love the trend:

Heidi Klum, Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham & Mare Kate Olsen

My favourite wide-leg trousers:Hope you enjoyed the post =) Comment if you did ;) I always return comments =P


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Warning: The post doesn't contain spoilers

I Bought the book and long while ago, a few days after it was released, but I wanted to finish with re-reading the sixth to catch up with the latest one. I read the first four chapters 4th August and after that actually I didn't get to read any of it until three days ago. As i was busy in the mornings, I would read it at night, since 9pm until my eyes were so tired I couldn't read anymore. That's how I finished reading it today at 6.35pm. I just was too happy and excited about that. Too bad that not many of my friends have read it, you know, the spanish version will come out in Febraury 2008, so yeah, I'm rather glad I managed to read it in its english version (The Bloomsbury's one), otherwise I'd be dying to know about the books and I'd probably be tempted to read some reviews of it online. The end of the story didn't dissapoint me at all, I loved it. It was sooo good.

If you haven't read it yet, I highly recommend you to do so.

I think I'll kind of miss the books, as Jo says "this is the very end". Buuuuuuuuuuuut we still have the movies, with Daniel Radcliffe hottie (:


pd. I will return comments tomorrow and I'll put the linkback to the guys who asked me to trade links ;)


Light purple

The other day I was looking for some pictures and I found these two outfits of Rachel Bilson (who, in my opinion, is adorable and has a lovely taste for fashion) and Hilary Duff.



These days are getting colder and colder, that why I'm wearing jeans today. Today I'm just keeping my outfit simple and I'm carrying the peruvian handicraft purse I bought in Arequipa, i just can't get tired of it, i love it.

I gained a few pounds in Arequipa so I'm going on a diet. I know diets suck, but right now it's necessary.

Jeans: Scombro
High neck top: Unknown
Sweatshirt: Scombro
Handbag: peruvian handicraft
Heart necklace: Bought the materials and a girl made it for me
Shoes: Converse


so long no see you, huh?

Hi everyone. I'm actually kind of tired, i arrived from my trip to Arequipa (region ubicated in the South of Perú) today's morning and I still feel like I need some more rest. Here you have some of the stuff I bought over there:

A black jacket

Hair accesories

I have wanted a black purse for so long!

peruvian handicraft - Purse


Stripped beanie