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The High Waisted skirt

Sorry for the lack of bloggage, but I have very good excuses indeed.
1. Vacations are over. I went back to college on monday. This would be my second cycle (My career lasts five years, 10 cycles). And professors have already given us a lot of reading to do. I keep going to the library almost everyday.

2. I got my braces on Sunday. It actually sucks and hurts so much right now. I can't eat almost anything because i can't chew, so i have to eat smashed potatos and soup. I also have to drink plenty of water (the dentist said so). Hate them but as they said I'm gonna like the results, so i'll just have to wait (at least one and a half year). They look so ugly =/ and I swear I'll never smile again =P haha. Just kidding.... or maybe not =/

That's enough about my life =). Now, let's pass to the cool stuff:

The High waisted skirt trend is getting very popular among the runway, celebrities and I have even seen fashion bloggers rocking them. This is THE skirt of the season and I personally find it pretty cool and it can turn random outfits into elegant and sophisticated ones, still looking feminine.The high waisted trend doesn't look good at everyone I know, but It's considered the most flattering version of this look, and I agree.

And last but not least, you can see Mischa wearing a skirt that looks pretty much like the Alice Mccall one (not sure if it's the same), not sure about this outfit and Bonnie Wright (who plays Ginny Weasley on Harry Potter series) has a high waisted flower skirt matched with a simple tee and tights, the outfit looks pretty rad in my opinion, It's very different than we've seen before, but i still think is kind of cute.

Mischa, Victoria, Katie & Ashley chose a skirt over the knee, while the others wanted it to lay under it. Just surfing on the internet I found these.
By the way, i got the august latin-american issue of Vogue magazine some weeks ago =).

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penelope dijo...

wow i've missed so many posts! anyhow, sorry abt d earthquake and thank god u're fine(:
loved the booties!!! loved the high wasties!! haha!!! pictures were fab!!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: u haf those whn u were 5?!!!!! haha!!


Kira Fashion dijo...

i have a high waisted skirt!!!

sometimes i use it!!

a kisss

rockandvogue dijo...

acabo de subir fotos nuevas! (:
rockandvogue@hotmail.com ,agregame si queres que hablemoss.
muchos besiitos y post me ok?

Tru dijo...

don't worry I added you to my links section ages ago...I just called the site C.B. hope that's okay.

LML dijo...

i really like the high waisted skirts and i want that proballyoutrageouslyexpensive skirt katie holmes has on!

Cris Lazoru dijo...

Loved this post! My favorite skirt/look was Ashley's.


alexgirl dijo...

Some of those skirts are amazing! I love the Alice McCall in the first set of pics, and also I think it's the same one Mischa is wearing (though I'm not a fan of orange, personally).
And sorry about school and the braces. Ugh, braces SUCK!!!

evie dijo...

i remember getting my braces on when i was about 19 and in college. i lost so much weight that first two weeks because everything made it hurt. it's an instrument of torture! lol...

i love that alice mccall skirt and i would love to get my hands on that...

dreamecho dijo...

great post! i like the styles you picked out, especially the mccall.

i just realized you are putting together these collages together YOURSELF - good job, they look incredibly professional!