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These days are getting colder and colder, that why I'm wearing jeans today. Today I'm just keeping my outfit simple and I'm carrying the peruvian handicraft purse I bought in Arequipa, i just can't get tired of it, i love it.

I gained a few pounds in Arequipa so I'm going on a diet. I know diets suck, but right now it's necessary.

Jeans: Scombro
High neck top: Unknown
Sweatshirt: Scombro
Handbag: peruvian handicraft
Heart necklace: Bought the materials and a girl made it for me
Shoes: Converse

4 comentarios:

Kate dijo...

I'd love to trade links! Cute blog AND cute outfit. =]

Jennifer dijo...

You need to link me back

Miss EsTher dijo...

me gusta mucho tu collar de corazon se me hace divino.. yo kiero uno asi.. jeje tengo dos colgantes de corazon y quiero mas jejeje..
el bolso esta suepr lindo me ha gustado mucho..
Un abrazoteeee

Tru dijo...

wondeful outfit and you look greeat I don't think you need to go on a diet