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Wide leg trousers

After the skinnies craze, the latest trend for trousers are the ones. These are on of the top trends coming in for fall and everyone's talking about them.

1. If you want to wear wide-legged trousers, make sure you wear tight clothes on your hupper half.
2. You can wear your shirt tucked in for a casual look and blouses for a more sophisticated look
3. Wearing a pair of high heels is the best thing you can do, it would look really ugly with your trousers dragging on the ground, it'd ruin the whole outfit for sure.

We've seen katie Holmes with a new haircut and new wardrobe, and of course including wide leg trousers in it was a must. She has been seen lately wearing them everywhere, she just can't get tired of them.

Another celebrities who love the trend:

Heidi Klum, Keira Knightley, Victoria Beckham & Mare Kate Olsen

My favourite wide-leg trousers:Hope you enjoyed the post =) Comment if you did ;) I always return comments =P

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penelope dijo...

i'm still NOT too sure abt this wide leg trend thing haha!
btu personally, i wud wore a long sleeved collar shirt; tuck it in and add suspenders to it!! haha!

ps/ loved Mk's style!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: haha!
buy more bright colored tights then!! they're gna be fab(:


Naara Rodríguez dijo...

Me encantan los vaqueros .Pero estos , aunque sean realemente bonitos y cool, creo que no es my style !
Le quedan muy bien tanto a Keira como a Katie.
No te olvides de vivitra mi blog de vez en cuando .;)

Tru dijo...

I know a lot of ppl love this trend but I still can't get my head around it. I just think it makes proportions strange. not for me

The Stiletto Effect dijo...

the thing is... i wore wide legs trousers for years and also last season, until i got tired of it and turned to skinny jeans!
now i'm into skinny trousers/jeans and i guess the skinny trend will stay for the next season too! stores all around are selling skinny trousers in all colours possible.
i guess both wide and skinny will be a trend this winter!
great post!

alexgirl dijo...

Some people really know how to pull that look off! I don't know if I'd be as successful, but maybe I'll go shopping and see!

fashionistakay dijo...

I really liked this post.
p.s.unfortunately there is no fashion rehab center. i just depicted my vision of it if it existed

LML dijo...

great post!
ive never tried any wide legs on - so i will have to see (i will def wear the heels tho, cuz im on the sort side). i sure do hope they look good on because i am loving this trend!

Carlo dijo...

Good Job! :)

Glenda dijo...

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zahir123 dijo...

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