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I have been looking for antique looking jewelry since like two months ago. It's so not easy to find around here, believe me, I thought it would be so much easier, I visited like every thrift store i know and I ended up finding some vintage pieces among my mom's stuff, which she was about to give away. With so many trends I had almost forget the important role jewerly played, they really have the power of making plain outfits more interesting, although as you may have guessed this post is not really about my outfits, it's just to show the stuff I got. The first couple pictures are of my favourite long necklace in the last days, it's actually a little bottle where you can place some perfume (my mom told me so, but i haven't tried that, a friend thought it was for liquor, she got pretty excited on that), the first picture is before i washed it and I have to say I like it better dirty, looks older and cooler, so I didn't clean the other side and wear it with the dirty side on front. Oh and I'm sorry the third picture is so out of center, I didn't calculate well but i just decided to put it up so you can appreciate the length of the first necklace on it.


wantwantwant because it'll get coldcoldcold

The leather jacket has been associated with metalheads and rock stars since ever, but not anymore. These days we can see them on a daily basis, they're just popping everywhere: street fashion sites, bloggers' outfits, runway and of course, Hollywood young loyalty. Yeah, most celebrities who are wearing these around are not precisely what we would call a rocker, but they still manage to look as cool with a biker chic look. With studs all over the place or not, zippers or not, it seems like the motorcycle jacket trend will be staying for a while.

Mary Kate Olsen, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, Nicole Richie & Sienna miller

Of course, not all celebrities went for black ones. If you want a leather jacket and are not sure about black (maybe too badass for your taste), there is always a second option and is getting a brown one, in any shade, like the next girls did:

Vanessa Hudgens, Rachel Bilson & Keira Knightley


Going basic

I must really apologize for not returning your comments, but I read them all and it really cheers me up when you share your opinions on the posts and the blog (which is soon becoming one year old!) with me. I'm gonna make sure I return absolutely ALL the comments by the weekend, also the link requests (;

Tomorrow I have to wake up very early (5.30 am) to arrive uni at 8am (see, my uni is one hour and a half far from home if I go by bus, and I spend one hour taking a shower, dressing, doing my backpack and taking breakfast). It's not that bad, because I tend to fall sleep with my headphones in the bus seat until I arrive uni.

Now read, this post is all about the coolest basic these days. It's cotton-made, it's to wear on top, has to be grey, has to be slouchy and believe me, you have to own one (although I bet most of you cool fashionistas already own one). It's like the new and improved white semi-sheer tee, only that it's not as see-trough as the white one, so you don't have to worry about the colour of your bra. In case you already have one of your own, here you have some ideas for your outfits and if you don't have one yet... then hurry up and get one :)

Vanessa Hudgens, Mary kate Olsen and Lauren Conrad


Lilo rocking foiled denim

Sorry for lack of blogging, College is really taking all my time these days, Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays I get back home at 8 pm, and Thursdays and Tuesdays at 6pm. It really sucks, I can't go out unless in on the weekends, plus I can only have lunch at home one day per week, and the food at university is not exactly the most delicious, I have to say. I can't believe i would ever said this, but my favourite subject so far is Philosophy, not even Drama (I nearly fell sleep today when the teacher was talking about the tragedy, anyway it wasn't because of him, he's a sweetheart, it's because I got up today before 6 am and i still can't get used to it) . I have to read Descartes' first three meditations of his treatise called Meditations on First philosophy, although it seems cool. I have three tests next week and I have to read over +300 pages this week (and it would be even more if i hadn't started reading last week, arrrrrrrrrrrrgh)

I've just realized this must be the geekiest post ever in the Coloured Bleu history.

Well, let's move to the fashion world. I Found a couple pictures of Lilo who has been wearing these foiled jeans, which really look like if she literally applied some glue on her usual black pair. Ha, I must admit I find this new pair of jeans pretty darn cool to do a little of the rocker chic trend for fall. What do you think of Lilo's new acquisition? better than leggings?


Hottest leggings right now

Maybe you still love leggings and can't get enough of them. Don't be ashamed of that, I still love them too. Well, here's the solution: lamé leggings (or leather ones if you're willing to spend a little fortune on a trend that will only last one or two seasons more). For $40 you can get your own pair at American apparel here, or for $113 these Kova & T latex leggings here (yeah, maybe that's really out my range too, but just in case you wanna know...)
From Mischa barton, to Rihanna and Ashley Olsen, they have all been wearing these leggings. I was so happy to found these pictures of Mischa, she looks very well put together, she's getting better, which is cool because it was about time and I missed her. Rihanna and Ashley seem to be rather wearing latex ones. Ashley's look is perfect, although her leggings look kind of crumpled, i guess it's because she's very petite. On the other hand, I'm not really feeling Rihanna's, looks like she tried too much to achieve a motorcycle rider look and went all black and then killed it with the animal print sophisticated bag.

Of course I had to include the queen of leggings and 2006 style icon, Lilo, who has been wearing a lot of lamé leggings lately instead of her usual cotton leggings (yeah those she usually wears as pants).

My favourite outfit of these three pictures is the first one, it's very rock n roll. I hate the second picture (the scarf, the fake tan -in cold weather- and the kissy face -maybe it was just collagen, dunno- need to go) and the third one looks ok to me, still kinda boring.

Which are your favourites? Do you agree or disagree on my picks?


Holy week.

I know for a fact that most peruvians are Catholic, so this weekend is considered holiday for everyone, starting Today ('Holy Thursday'). I have my own religious beliefs, which involve only a few Catholic festivities and customs and no, I'm not going to bore you with my theories. However, as we don't have classes at University, most teachers made sure they left a considerable amount of readings as we will have some free time, I did get the material yesterday, but I'm not sure about reading it all, come on, we're supossed to rest, aren't we?

I couldn't help smiling when I saw this site had passed the 10, 000 visits, now if that is not a reason for being glad, then what is it?

I also told you that I had bought a man white shirt. Well, I finally got to wear it and I took some pictures (actually, my sister did after I begged her to) which you can see below. I'm afraid that's all I can offer for today, but don't worry I'll come with something more interesting later (means, probably tomorrow). I also have to return all the comments, reading other blogs and commenting it's like the best therapy and my top source for inspiration.

Belt: Vintage (inherited from mom)
Flip flops: Rip curl
Headband: Do it
Jeans: axxs
Shirt: Claybrooke
Indian bangles
faux pearl bracelet
Rings that only fit on my little finger (I own them since I was 6)


From uni...

Hey guys, I had classes early today at 10 am until 11 am, then had lunch at 12pm and my History (modern) class starts in like 15 minutes (I'm posting from the University's lab in my faculty), so I have some time to do a little post here. This is a picture I had stored on my photobucket account, they're Ashley Olsen and Kirsten Dunst wearing those called "bandage" skirts I'm dying to get, both paired them with oversized basic tees (ever heard about that phrase thay says that if you go tight on the bottom, the do the opposite on top?, they certainly did) and flats, simple and chic.

Thanks for the lovely feedback, I'll return comments today when i come home at night


The search started this week

I received some money for my Birthday I decided to save until it was time to do some shopping. And as this was my last week of vacations (I've been in vacations since December last year) any shopping I wished to make had to be on this week, classes at uni start tomorrow (I start my third semester, still have 7 more to go, it's cool though, I missed uni already, three months of vacations is quite a lot for anyone I guess) and I don't think I'll have as much time in my hands to do some shopping. Well, the point is I went shopping with my mom (my favourite person in the world to shop with) and here you have some of my buys.

Going basic
I got basic short-sleeved tees in white and grey in a size bigger. They are perfect for dressing quickly and they allow me to go crazy on the jewelry/accesorizing. I swear they make things so much easier. I've just realized I look like a pregnant woman in the second picture wearing the grey tee, ha.

Remember my wishlist? Well, now there are only three outerwear pieces left ;). I actually wanted a longer vest, but this gray one will do ok.

The shirt
On my post on Alexandr's Wang S/S 2008 collection I mentioned how interested I was in getting my own shirt, so here you have it, it's white long sleeved (so i can roll them) one and as much as you said, it was very easy to find, they were like millions out there, but I specially liked this, it's long and the chest pocket is ok also, plus it's cotton made, so it won't make me sweat.

Denim Dress
It was the closest thing to an impulse. My mother saw it first and when she showed it to me I was 90% sure I wanted to get it. Dunno what else to say, I guess I'll figure how to wear this in the next weeks.

Zebra bag

I didn't exactly bought this. I wanted one, my mother had one she didn't want so she told me i could hand it down. Yay for saving money ;)


8 things

Hey Everyone, this adorable seeker tagged me on a meme called "8 things" which seems pretty fun to do and as I have some spare time now I'll answer it. I went out for dinner today with my mom and sister to my favourite Café, just the three of us, it was hilarious, we talked a lot and also walked a lot after eating so much, ha.

Tee: unknown
Shorts: Lounge
Flip flops: Rip curl
Bag: Handicraft (arequipa)
Fedora: do it!
Belt: Some little store downtown
Jewerly: indian bangles, the rings used to belong to mom


8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. My family
2. Development Communication
3. Watching fashion shows
4. Rock and roll, soul & indie music
5. Graphic designing
6. Reading
7. Writing
8. Kids (cutest things ever)

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die (in no particular order)
1. Open an Orphanage here
2. Do paragliding
3. Go to three buffet restaurants in one day (for breakfeast, lunch and dinner) and eat as much as I can
4. Visit as much countries as it's possible
5. I always say i don't want to but... getting married and having my own kids sounds pretty cool to me :)
6. Learn German, French and Portuguese
7. Learn to cook
8. Say (and believe) I've helped others to have a better, healthier and happier life

8 Things I Say Often
1. "I feel hungry" (like every two hours)
2. "Paja" (it's like saying "cool" here)
3. "Thanks"
4. "Is it 9pm already? gossip girrrrrrrrrl"
5. "Can I have the remote control now?" (to my sister)
6. "Man, i want to work"
7. "Papi, did you buy watermelon for me?" (to dad)
8. "That song is SO good" ('buenasa' in peruvian teenage slang)

8 Books I Have Read Lately
1. "The Tunnel" - Ernesto Sábato
2. "The bad girl" - Mario Vargas Llosa
3. "La cuarta espada" - Santiago Roncagliolo
4. "Harry Potter and the deathly hallows" - J.K. Rowling
5. "Al final de la calle" - Oscar Malca (I'm reading it at the moment, does it count?)
Besides those, all I remember reading last year is loads and loads of articles, summaries, notes and various chapters of many books for uni. Believe me. I'm sorry =L

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
1. "Hey Jude" - The beatles
2. "Light my fire" - The doors
3. "Hit the road, jack" - Ray charles
4. "Don't know why" - Norah Jones
5. "Rape me" - Nirvana
6. "Anyone else but you" - The moldy peaches
7. "Brianstorm" - Arctic Monkeys
8. "You know I'm no good" - Amy winehouse

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
1. Reliability
2. Honesty
3. Social conscience
4. The way they threat others
5. Smartness
6. Good sense of humour
7. They speak their minds
8. They accept me just the way I am

Now, It's time for tagging others, I dunno if you guys will have time to do this but I will be looking forward to read your answers. Here you have the lucky (or not) ones:

1. Romeika (a room of one's own)
2. Stevie (Discotheque confusion)
3. Key (La bruja del cuento)
4. Bojana (Power rangers go)
5. Jennifer (Mahalo fashion)
6. Lauren (La petite fashionista)
7. Iñaki (So VIP zone)
8. Lml (Modern marie)

More on celebrities

These are some of my favourite March candids, the climate doesn't seem to be warming up very much because I still see trenches and cardigans, anyway some of these celebrities still managed to incorporate some summer trends to their outfits and obtained great results. Now, let's move on to the pictures.

Kate Moss
This picture taken after Kate had dinner at Waverly Inn in NYC. Her bangs are kind of grown, hope she cuts them again, I really liked bangs on her. She's wearing a lot of grey and black lately, isn't she?

Chloë Sevigny
Here's Miss Sevigny at the MSG Plus Pre-Party for the NetJets Showdown in New York. She's rocking a lovely bubble high-waisted skirt with lace-up booties. Oh and is that an animal print bow tie i see?

Whitney Port

She's my favourite fashionista from the Hills. Whitney looked her best in the Lauren Conrad's fashion week debut after-party, she's really getting it right, she couldn't look better than that. I loved the leather jacket, the un-matchy belt, the gold jewerly, everything.

Ashley Olsen
Back to her usual laid-back style, wearing a plaid flannel shirt, Ashley goes shopping to Costume National (Wonder what did she buy there). I absolutely loved her black sandals. The outfit was very simple, still it was nice.

Emma Watson
At this point, you might have realised i always post on her, it's just that I love to see her evolution in fashion terms, plus there are not a lot of candids of Emma's daily style. When I saw this picture i didn't feel disappointed, she actually looks good (just forget the angry face) doing some shopping in London with awesome boots and her blackberry in hand.

Mary Kate Olsen
The first picture is her leaving some downtown office, looking great with slouchy black trousers, black heels and lots of rings on her fingers. The second is her at the American Museum of Natural History's annual Winter Dance in New york city, rocking a very pretty floral dress, brown clutch and lots of gold bangles, the outfit is just perfect, I so loved it.

Kate Bosworth
Last but not least, the always beautiful Kate, who attended the ShoWest awards ceremony in a lovely little black dress with sheer fabric on the back, hot (first picture). The second picture is Kate walking around LA, wearing probably my favourite outfit on this post, i loved the necklace and the floral blouse.


Just tought you might want to know...

or not. The lovely Camilla from Glam & Tonic e-mailed me a few questions the other day and she has made quite a cool post about me at her site. The fact that she has taken a bit of her time to make a post on me/my site means a lot to me (also de graphics were so nice, loved the floral blackground). I will not bore you with a long speech, instead (if you want) you can check it out here.


Cravings for fall :)

As you know, while you guys are waiting for summer to start, we, latin-americans are getting surrounded of fall what to wear guides, fall campaigns and stuff like that. Fall is supossed to start by the end of march and winter by June. Anyway, it's not always like that and in the last years, hot weather in the morning usually stays until May (sunny days and sometimes we get a little cold at night) and it's in June when things really start to change (although we don't reach below zero temperatures, only temperatures between 12ºC and 15ºC).

That's why, in the last couple of days, I have been making a list of the key things i want for 'fall', that as stated before must include fall (runway fall 2008) items and also some singular pieces for sunny days (that's why i also considered some spring pieces from spring's runway for this year). Of course, inspiration came also from all the lovely street style sites out there (i believe the coolest trends start on the street) and from some of my fellow bloggers too ;)

Some of these may take a while to be found, but i know I will. The search will start this weekend (malls, thrift stores...) and will keep on going until i get at least, most of the chosen items. I'll try to keep you updated on this, and as there are nearly 16 items in my list, I'll take it easy, I don't want to be broke, so I will also try to get them on affordable prices.


More denim!

Some of you might know how much I loved Alexander Wang's latest two collections (fall 2008, and Spring 2008), which both include denim shorts. I'm not talking about those perfect fit shorts Lilo has been wearing lately, I was actually referring to those slouchy (maybe a little ripped, high waisted or not) very rock n' roll ones. Of course, we must be very thankful to Erin Wasson, the stylist for both runway shows, who made a terrific work and, as Alexander's inspiring muse had to be featured on this post also wearing a pair of these.

(1) Nicole Richie, (2) Vanessa Hudgens, (3)Mischa Barton, (4) Kirsten Dunst, (5) Ashley Olsen, (6) Rachel Bilson, (7) Erin Wasson, (8) Magdalena Frackowiak, (9) Kate Moss


Katie Leung & Emma Watson at the Empire Awards

Today, Harry Potter stars, Emma Watson & Katie Leung attended the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in London. Emma's dress was so cute (I like it better than Katie's) and I also liked her make-up on these pictures (it's more her age) oh and her heels are awesome too, the only thing i find a little bit out of place is the bracelet, maybe too much, also the clutch, what do you think?, I believe Emma had to think it twice before choosing these accesories (which separately from the outfit are lovely). Anyway, I shouldn't be too harsh on Emma's choices, it looks like she's trying and is definitely getting better at styling herself, I like her, I really do. Katie, who in my opinion is a great fashionista, completed her pretty (yet simple) little black dress with lovely golden lace-up pumps and a lovely quilted bag with gold chain (I guess it's chanel), showing us how well chosen accessories can light up a so-so dress. Here you have some pictures from the event:


I want what they're wearing!

I have been seing a lot of denim jackets lately, not only on streetstyle websites, but on celebrities too. I have to say I never saw this coming, but pairing it the right way (which means not pairing it with our jeans or anything else denim), we can come up with some really cool outfits, just like the ones Kirsten Dunst (x2) and Rachel Bilson were spotted wearing.

This post goes to Stevie who missed my old graphics, and I have to admit i kind of missed them too, so here I am, back to the old days when I used to spend a little more time editing on Photoshop (and I'm loving it!). I'm also planning to change the current layout for a more simple one.

Thanks for all the lovely comments on the last post, I was very pleased to read all of them, oh, and even two peruvian girls commented on it (and, according to what she said, inspired one of them to create her own fashion blog, which I'll soon add to my links so you can visit it). Of course, I'll return all the comments tomorrow morning ;)


Peru Fashion


When I decided opening this fashion blog, one of the hardest decisiones i had to make was choosing which language should I use. I can only speak two languages (wish i could speak more), so I had to choose either spanish or english. My beautiful spanish, so rich in words and expressions and english, which I've been studying since I was a kid and can't speak perfectly yet. The idea of making it in english offered me the opportunity of improving my english and the same time meeting fashionistas from all around the world (let's face it, english is one of the most spoken languages). How fun sounded the idea of meeting all those people who shared my interest in fashion and style, who wouldn't look at my outfits like they were the weirdest thing on earth (even better, they would dress just the way I like it) and who knew who Marc Jacobs is (trust me, I don't meet people with all these characteristics that often).

My interest on fashion dates from year 2006, just when I discovered all these old treasures hiding inide my mother's wardrobe. That same year I had realized that it really didn't bother me that someone had my same jeans or sweater, because if I combined them different from her, nobody would even notice.

Living in a country, where the 12% of the total population lives in extreme poverty (people who doesn't have enough money to cover their basic needs such s food and housing) and the 54%, despite the fact of having some resources to eat, are still considered poor because they only make around $150 (US dollars) monthly. As if that wasn't enough, I live in Lima city, which despite the fact of being a city, is full of prejudices, prejudices that will stop everybody from being different, mainly because they're afraid of being judged as "huachafos" (unfashionable people, pretty much like calling someone "ridiculous"). Having said that, you'll kinda understand how my list of potential peruvian fashionistas becomes shorter and shorter.

A girl with zero interest on style will mostly wear plain tees, snugged on the hips and flared at the hem jeans and sneakers (usually skechers or converse). This is the way almost 90% of the girls dress I might add.

Now, the peruvian fashionistas usually come from middle and upper class families, why? mainly because only they have all their basic needs satisfied and have extra money to spend on more superficial stuff. These young ladies use to fill up their wardrobes with the clothes that the stores' catalogues (which usually come together with the Sunday's newspaper) tell them to buy and buying the last top from one of those surfer brands (even if they can't even get on a surfboard) is on the top of their to-do list (yes those simple tees with huge latter that say "Roxy" or "Billabong" in the front that for some reason are expensive for our exchange rate, US dollars are more valuable compared to soles, they are not very pretty indeed but i think they are a way of showing-off; I guess is something similar to wearing Abercombie and Fitch in the US, correct me if I'm wrong). We have very few big stores in the country and as the clothes have to be brand pieces and the outfits have to be an exact imitation of what models wear on the mentioned catalogues all the girls tend to look uniformized. These are some of the outfits these kind of girls would wear:

The pictures you'll se below were taken from a suppelement of the peruvian magazine Caretas, in that suppelement there is a segment dedicated to peruvian fashion, on them people who attend social events and go to Asia resort are put under the eye of some critic - god knows who, I couldn't find her/his name - who decides who are the ones whose outfit is flashy or trashy. I can't say i agree all the time on her/his picks, but I'm not a fashion expert so I won't go deeper on this point. Now let's go to the pictures of the women this critic considers stylish. Just to anticipate something: geometric prints crazyness, denim mini-skirts, prominent low neck lines, too matching outfits (shoes that match the belt, the bag and even the nailpolish) are only a few things of what you'll see next.

I don't pretend to criticize the seen before pictures (although probably I would if that was my job and i got paid for that), the only thing is ask for is a little bit of creativity. Maybe some of the girls looked pretty but what about different?. There isn't a lot of people willing to take risks, so individuality and originality doesn't abound here. In a society in which brand clothes are a must and where anyone who dares to be different and doesn't wear what everyone wear is discriminated, the journey for real fashionistas (the ones who know there is no need to spend tons of money in order to look good and who don't imitate everyone else) seems to be very tough.

That's why I really appreciate your feedback guys. It's very special for me to receive all those comments because compliments don't come to me everyday, instead of that i get people pointing or looking at me as if I was some kind of weirdo for going out dressed like that - which is strange considering I'm not even the half of risky Susie bubble is (maybe I'm being a little bit unfair, because of course there are some people who have learnt to understand my way of dressing, like some close friends, my young sister - who always tells me to style her - and my parents - well, they have to accept their kids the way they are, right?).

God bless fashion blogs :)