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When I decided opening this fashion blog, one of the hardest decisiones i had to make was choosing which language should I use. I can only speak two languages (wish i could speak more), so I had to choose either spanish or english. My beautiful spanish, so rich in words and expressions and english, which I've been studying since I was a kid and can't speak perfectly yet. The idea of making it in english offered me the opportunity of improving my english and the same time meeting fashionistas from all around the world (let's face it, english is one of the most spoken languages). How fun sounded the idea of meeting all those people who shared my interest in fashion and style, who wouldn't look at my outfits like they were the weirdest thing on earth (even better, they would dress just the way I like it) and who knew who Marc Jacobs is (trust me, I don't meet people with all these characteristics that often).

My interest on fashion dates from year 2006, just when I discovered all these old treasures hiding inide my mother's wardrobe. That same year I had realized that it really didn't bother me that someone had my same jeans or sweater, because if I combined them different from her, nobody would even notice.

Living in a country, where the 12% of the total population lives in extreme poverty (people who doesn't have enough money to cover their basic needs such s food and housing) and the 54%, despite the fact of having some resources to eat, are still considered poor because they only make around $150 (US dollars) monthly. As if that wasn't enough, I live in Lima city, which despite the fact of being a city, is full of prejudices, prejudices that will stop everybody from being different, mainly because they're afraid of being judged as "huachafos" (unfashionable people, pretty much like calling someone "ridiculous"). Having said that, you'll kinda understand how my list of potential peruvian fashionistas becomes shorter and shorter.

A girl with zero interest on style will mostly wear plain tees, snugged on the hips and flared at the hem jeans and sneakers (usually skechers or converse). This is the way almost 90% of the girls dress I might add.

Now, the peruvian fashionistas usually come from middle and upper class families, why? mainly because only they have all their basic needs satisfied and have extra money to spend on more superficial stuff. These young ladies use to fill up their wardrobes with the clothes that the stores' catalogues (which usually come together with the Sunday's newspaper) tell them to buy and buying the last top from one of those surfer brands (even if they can't even get on a surfboard) is on the top of their to-do list (yes those simple tees with huge latter that say "Roxy" or "Billabong" in the front that for some reason are expensive for our exchange rate, US dollars are more valuable compared to soles, they are not very pretty indeed but i think they are a way of showing-off; I guess is something similar to wearing Abercombie and Fitch in the US, correct me if I'm wrong). We have very few big stores in the country and as the clothes have to be brand pieces and the outfits have to be an exact imitation of what models wear on the mentioned catalogues all the girls tend to look uniformized. These are some of the outfits these kind of girls would wear:

The pictures you'll se below were taken from a suppelement of the peruvian magazine Caretas, in that suppelement there is a segment dedicated to peruvian fashion, on them people who attend social events and go to Asia resort are put under the eye of some critic - god knows who, I couldn't find her/his name - who decides who are the ones whose outfit is flashy or trashy. I can't say i agree all the time on her/his picks, but I'm not a fashion expert so I won't go deeper on this point. Now let's go to the pictures of the women this critic considers stylish. Just to anticipate something: geometric prints crazyness, denim mini-skirts, prominent low neck lines, too matching outfits (shoes that match the belt, the bag and even the nailpolish) are only a few things of what you'll see next.

I don't pretend to criticize the seen before pictures (although probably I would if that was my job and i got paid for that), the only thing is ask for is a little bit of creativity. Maybe some of the girls looked pretty but what about different?. There isn't a lot of people willing to take risks, so individuality and originality doesn't abound here. In a society in which brand clothes are a must and where anyone who dares to be different and doesn't wear what everyone wear is discriminated, the journey for real fashionistas (the ones who know there is no need to spend tons of money in order to look good and who don't imitate everyone else) seems to be very tough.

That's why I really appreciate your feedback guys. It's very special for me to receive all those comments because compliments don't come to me everyday, instead of that i get people pointing or looking at me as if I was some kind of weirdo for going out dressed like that - which is strange considering I'm not even the half of risky Susie bubble is (maybe I'm being a little bit unfair, because of course there are some people who have learnt to understand my way of dressing, like some close friends, my young sister - who always tells me to style her - and my parents - well, they have to accept their kids the way they are, right?).

God bless fashion blogs :)

36 comentarios:

The Seeker dijo...

My dear, you've made a great post!
Thanks for sharing with us all your dificulties.
I also can understand you, because where I live it's something like that, people don't take risks and look to one that takes it like weird people.
So I also apreciate very much my readers with their comments and advices.

keep going darling!!


Jen (MahaloFashion) dijo...

Oh those girls are terribly dressed
for shame!
Glad you decided to do your blog in english so I can read it haha! But yes it will help improve your skills!

Anónimo dijo...

bien hecho! tu post esta genial, como tu dices es bueno leer otros blogs y saber k cuando usas medias cafe con un vestido gris y oxfords no eres una freki :D pk hay toda una comunidad de bloguers que te respalda.

un beso

Josiee dijo...

Oh tnx sweet:D haha...nice blog, very interesting and fun te read:)//Josiee

On Track dijo...

Fantastic post, those pictures of those awfully dressed girls were quite hillarious :D

Cate dijo...

great post!!! those girls are dressed nicely, but it's nothing special! it's just not very creative, as you have written. and i like your style a lot. thanks for doing this blog!! i think your english is very good by the way ^^

Anónimo dijo...

No sabes como me emocione al leer esta entrada de tu blog. Yo también soy de Lima, Perú y siento exactamente lo mismo que tu. Pocas cosas son tan frustrantes como ver el desfile de catalogo de Saga que se convierte cada salida entre las chicas. Yo tambien estoy empezando un blog pronto, y coincido completamente con tus comentarios sobre el sentido del estilo aqui. no solo en lo referente a ropa, sino en todo lo concerniente a aquello que significa representar tu individualidad. Ojala pueda seguir sabiendo mas de ti. Jimena.

Jimena dijo...

Aisha, por fin empece mi blog. Es cierto que hasta ahora solo tiene una entrada, pero me gustaria intercambiar links contigo (considerando que ambas somos peruanas). Esta es mi direccion.



Lynn dijo...

Keep on writing, it's awesome what you can come up with. As for fashion and style, remember a few rules, namely "The first rule of fashion is there is no rule" and "Always take off the last thing you put on".

And kudos for daring to be different.

WendyB dijo...

Great post.

millicent dijo...

lovely post!

Sarah dijo...

RE: the photos are all mine, så thank you. actually, I'm from sweden :)

I must say that you've written such a lovely post and couldn't agree with you more!

aficionada dijo...

I agree, too many girls out there dress so bland, blah, boring! They all look like walking advertisements for either: Abercrombie, Hollister or Bebe. Nobody thinks OUT of the box anymore. It's stunning actually....

Aretha dijo...

Aisha, gracias por tu comentario!!!
La verdad es que estas mujeres son super trashys por decir lo menos, no me gustó ninguno de sus outfits y están muy bien catalogadas por estos expertos de la moda... El mostrar mucho jamás ha sido signo de elegancia o estilo
Un beso gigante!

Agos dijo...

yo aisha, great post!
never been to peru, and always wondered (knowing that peru has huge financial issues) whether there actually was a fashion world up there. the answer came to me last year, when this new participant came to my class-her name's marisol, she's peruvian (altough has set roots here in buenos aires) and yes, a fashion designer. she loves purses, and shoes and big designer brands. in my country peruvians are so underrated, people look down on them wheteher they good people, poor, rich, drug dealers, whatever.
yet, this whole fashion phenomena repeats itself both in lima and in buenos aires. people who can afford it go for the big brands, and u've got a lot to choose from here. lately teenage girls have grown accustomed to purchase fake vuitton and chanel purses, which i think is the lowest thing you can do in order to "look like somebody else". if u're 14 to 21, your prone to look live EVERYBODY else. that's how "fashion" works here.
as for me, i LOVE brands. i'm capable of spending 50 american dollars in one plain shirt just knowing it's...i don't know, say lacoste. but hey, i hate being a human billboard showing of a HUGE armani exchange legend all over my chest. that's for show-offers, that's for insecure people. i heart brands because, when u purchase certain brands, u shop for quality and (sometimes) uniqueness. 'course, it's up to you to carry it around with STYLE (which is something all the money in the world can never buy).
your english is great, your posts great fun, and...thanx for saying i'm funny!!
if u feel like, just add me

take care!

Debbie Shiamay dijo...

Hey there. I must say ur blog attracted me with all those amazing pictures!!! I love it love it when fashion bloggers share interests like these. :)

coco dijo...

I like print but it can look so cheap which is why I tend to avoid it

ambika dijo...

I honestly think this isn't that different from what you see in certain age groups in the U.S. On the college campus where I work, most of the girls dress very similarly to the styles you've put together: jean skirts, flip flops (or Ugg boots), surf tees, and all very generic. I think developing style for a lot of people might be a part of growing up. Others are lucky enough to be their own individual early on.

Great post.

Romeika dijo...

Oh you poor thing, come to Copenhagen! *lol* I'm sorry, but that's just awful the way it is in style terms where you live, and what makes me surprised is, I can imagine Lima is a big city. First of all, nearly 100% of these pictures considered "flashy" are just so horrible, some are even tacky.

From what I could have seen from your perfonal style, you're doing far better than these "fashionable" ladies. But I can imagine how difficult it must be for you to be "accepted" for being "different", nevertheless, being just yourself.

You should keep on going the way you are, no matter if people there consider it something bad. F**k, then! *lol*

This post is just amazing, congratulations on that!

Romeika dijo...

perfornal-personal* ^^

lara - dijo...

Primero mi respuesta; El año más dificil de mi colegio es 4to Año (año que estoy cursando ahora) debido a las monografías (tenemos que hacer una de dos años para IB); IB; IGCSEs; Salidas de Campo; C.A.S; etc. Es una año super cargado y claro que estoy asustada! Igual gracias por tu buena onda.

Segundo; lamentablemente, por temas de tiempo, no pude leer el post entero. Pero, por lo que leí en los comentarios, no estás conforme con lo que puedas llegar a adquirid de ropa a dónde vivas. Estoy en la misma situación; es frustrante no poder vestirse como se quiere! Ver las propagandas de ropa e ir a algún local y ver que hay cuatro remeras que ya tiene toda tu ciudad. Debería irme a Londres a vivir!

Unrealized Fish dijo...

I love your header, and I look at your pics, I remember that I really need to buy myself some new converse shoes x)

Susan dijo...

I really enjoyed this post, it made me think. I hate how people who have money are considered more stylish just because of the brand of their clothes. Its amazing when people in Britain have good style but when you live in a place where fahsion sense is not encouraged and the fashion world is so limited it amazes me even more. Oh you are one of these stylish people by the way. sorry for the essay here.

discothequechic dijo...

Thank you so much for that lovely last comment, Aisha! It really made me smile.
And being told I sound smart is a pretty good compliment, especially when there are so many misconceptions about the intellectual capabilities of people who have an interest in style.

anyway, enough of that!

and I'm so glad that you write in both languages, I agree, its amazing for all of us international bloggers to be able to communicate. such a sense of community through such a huge medium, it's rather an accomplishment.


Wendy dijo...

This post really opened me up to the social order almost of another country. And you are right, Abercrombie is basically the typical brand among US teenagers.

Ana dijo...

I think you made the right decision writing in spanish because otherwise I would have to struggle through it with my spanish notes at hand.

Hanna dijo...

That is a very interesting post. In Ukraine, where I live, the same thing bothers me a little. It's not often that you see people who are actually daring and brave in terms of clothes. What most Ukrainains want is to look dressed expensively. No matter whether the bag is actually expensive it has to look so - so there are either sparkles or a fake designer logo on it... That's something I really hate. Oh, and another thing that makes me go mad is when my friends say to me: "Omg, what should I wear with these red boots? I don't have a red bag!" - Then wear a green one, for God's sake, as long as it looks good and interesting. ;)

Yes, there are many stylish and well dressed people around, but it's not often at all that you see some craze and creativity. I love meeting clashing colours and pure braver on the streets of the Ukrainian capital, or at least people who risk, at least very moderately. The great thing is that I've realised recently that in my city there's some fabulous street style. Not often, but still. So you're not alone! Prejudice and stereoptypes are everywhere. But you gotta keep on with your personal style because if not people like you and other fashionistas, then who's going to spin the creative fashion planet?

styleandthecity.com - Street style & romance in Paris dijo...

Hi talented stylish women

congratulation for your blog : very great

i just finished my Paris fashion week photo romance. I try to humanize fashion and mix it with the beauty of Paris.
i hope you'll like them

ps : some stories are translated in the "english" section

best regards

street style romancer in Paris

styleandthecity.com - Street style & romance in Paris dijo...

Hi talented stylish friend

congratulation for your blog : very great

i just finished my Paris fashion week photo romance. I try to humanize fashion and mix it with the beauty of Paris.
i hope you'll like them

ps : some stories are translated in the "english" section

best regards

street style romancer in Paris

Eli dijo...

I think it is fair to not like to dress like everyone else!

fReSiTa dijo...

... seeeh tienes toda la razon!! ... que vayan a moood!! ( dentro de un mes cuando renueven XD!! )


x o x o

Tru dijo...

those girls really need to start reading fashion blogs

evie dijo...

oh dear... some of these girls look a bit too trashy for my liking. i guess everyone has an idea of what's fashionable/ stylish although this certainly isn't mine.

i'm glad you're still persevering despite the stares. some ppl don't know style even if it bit them in the ass :)

NonchalantMod dijo...

oh god,

what are they wearing?


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