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Cory kennedy is still cool to me.

I know her blog (which is closed by now) wasn't the smartest one out there and her writing wasn't a pleasure to read. I also know she's only famous for partying, because she has the right connections and that there are many other great and original fashionistas that could have been in her place if they knew the people she knows. After all of that has been said, I have to add that Cory Kennedy still seems to me like an interesting person when it comes to clothing. She has a pretty face, cool hair and style. I can't hate her. I don't usually hate people, I just dislike some attitudes people have.

Cory must be 18 by now and she's more risky than most girls her age. I like her, she seems fun when it comes to getting dressed. Besides, she and probably Agyness Deyn are the only persons I could imagine in the trousers shown below.

Do you like Cory's trousers? Would you ever wear something like that?


Looking for Inspiration? Patti Smith has it all.

Singer, poet & song-writter. She was friends with Andy Warhol, Robert Mapplehorpe's muse, and inspiration for great musicians such as Michael Stipe (R.E.M). First it was her music I was only in love with, but then that love grew more intense. See, I have the habit of collecting pictures of artists (usually musicians). She was wearing all these masculine clothes with such attitude that really really amazed me and it was inevitable to fall in love with the personality she shows trough her style. I mean, the ripped or rolled up jeans, the baggy tees, the lace up boots, the bowler hat, the socks over her trousers, the blazers... isn't she perfect?

PS. The handsome guy next to her in a couple of pictures is the talented photographer I talked you about a couple lines above, Robert Mapplehorpe.



Hey everyone. Today's R.E.M. concert and I'm attending it in a few hours, it starts at 6 pm but I'll be making my queue since 2.30 pm. I've already got the setlist, because they've been doing the same songs in the previous dates in latin-america. I was very disappointed to see at my most beautiful wasn't going to be played, but the fact that man on the moon and the one I love are on the list calmed me down. It's gonna be great I reckon, no... I bet, it'll be awesome. They're also gonna play a bunch of songs from Accelerate, I specially love Hollow man from it. Oh and Travis is comming too as support band (or curtain-raisers, how do you say it?).

Well, enough of me. Let me introduce you to Jaeha. Jaeha it's a very cool brand by the young and talented Jaeha-Alex Kim. Here you have some pictures of his S/S 08-09 collection called Colouring in calms me down. Enjoy!

PS. For those who asked, yesterday's concert was amazing also!


Doing outfit posts once in a while is fun.

Tomorrow at night I'll be doing something too awesome: I'm attending an Animal Collective concert. Animal collective, as some as you may know, is an American band that plays experimental music. Oh, and the best of everything is that it's for free! Hopefully, they'll allow us to bring our cameras in. If not, I think I'll hide it inside my booties to record some videos to show you all :D

♫ Listening to: Peacebone - Animal collective
Black Lace top, Gray plain tee, Floral skirt, Purple skinnies, a not very clean pair of converse all star shoes, Cardigan/Leather jacket

101st entry.

I was pretty disappointed to find these pictures after Halloween, because they're all so inspiring and give great costume ideas. Anyway, even if I'm a 'little' (cough) late, I decided to post them, they're pretty cool and can help you err... for next year. They're from a 2001 Vogue issue and you can see more of the shoot at Foto Decandent. I have no idea who did it, does anyone know the photographer's name?

Just in case you need some help recognizing all of the characters above, here you have the names: (1) Yoko Ono & Jhon Lennon, (2) David & Angela Bowie, (3) Jim Hendrix, Jim Morrison &Janis Joplin, (4) Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain, (5) The beatles


I guess high waisted skirts are still in.

And with such cool outfits popping up everyday I hope they stay in for a while.

Peaches Geldof, Chlöe Sevigny, Lauren Conrad

Agyness Deyn, Fearne Cotton, Daisy Lowe


Who rocked it best?


Ten reasons to love Topshop.

Ten reasons to wish I had at least one Topshop store here and envy (in a not so healthy way) people who do have one in their country. There is no shipping to latin-america and I believe in case Peru happened to be on their list, their delivery cost would be reeeeeally out of control. So, all I can do so far is looking for some look-alike items at flea markets (stores here are so last year when it comes to fashion, I mean the first gladiators arrived nearly two weeks ago, so go figure). The search has oficially begun.

1. Bleach jeans (by Sass & Bide) | £75
2. Sequin harlequin dress | £85
3. Black top hat | £20
4. Leopard panel tee | £16
5. Checked pencil skirt | £35
6. Fingerless leather glove | £15
7. Satin tapered leg trouser | £45
8. Acid wash high waisted shorts | £28
9. Bowler hat | £20
10. Flat brogue lace up | £45


Going out makes me feel like watching pretty pictures.

I've just come back from a ska party in the center of the city, although I believe ska is a very cool genere, this is the first time I attend one of those, a friend of mine plays bass in one of the 8 bands that performed at the party. Dancing ska is very fun, but physically speaking it's very tiring also, as skanking is the most common form, my feet hurt like hell now. I had a great time anyway (I also got a cigarette burn on my elbow, some silly girl standing behind me did it, I mean how can they do both, smoke and dance crazily, at the same time? Lucky me, it left no blister, just felt little pain at the moment).

It's interesting to see that when people think of latin girls, they usually imagine genious salsa dancers. Well, that's definitely not me (although I wish I could be better at it, my dancing skills when it comes to salsa are kind of pathetic) . Rock and roll is more my style, the doors, beatles and pixies are always on my playlist, therefore I enjoy rock parties a little bit more (a lot more, if you want me to be honest). When it comes to rock photography, there is one man that comes to my mind fastly. I'm talking about Hedi Slimane, popular also for being a fashion designer. I believe he offers the best party pictures on his diary, they are very inspiring and random, some of them are very delicate and peaceful, others will make you want to grab your quirkiest clothes and go out looking for some fun. Well, enough words, let's rather check out his work.

[EDIT]PS. Thanks for the nice comments! and I forgot to say commenting back will take place a little later, I've just burned a mixed cd and I'm feeling very sleepy by now. It's almost 3 am :)


Getting kinda grunge.

Shirt: A man's Ralph Lauren
Trousers: Topy top
Booties: Marquis
Cardigan: Steps