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Janis Joplin: The hippie queen.

Janis Joplin's style caught my eye from the very beginning. I love how she was so free and used to wear what she wanted, she was not scared to look different and I guess that's the attitude that makes me think of her as a fashion icon. She was all about long beaded necklaces, crafty belts, lots of bangles and round sunglasses (bigger than the ones John Lennon popularized back in the 60s). I know it's kind of ironic I've made one of those "Get the look" posts, because most of the stuff she wore was homemade, but I couldn't help myself and did this collage (which, by the way, took me a couple of hours to be ready).


Ten reasons to love Forever21

1. Harem jumpsuit | Sould out*
2. Dolly Fringe Vest | $24.80
3. Long Drawstring Hem Cardigan | $22.80
4. Cross & Coin Necklace | $10.80
5. Rainbow Stitch Knit Pant | $7.99
6. Strapless Floral Linen Dress | $24.80
7. H81 Marlie Sweater Vest | $10.99
8. The Beatles Tee | $15.80
9. Sequined Crochet Net Beret | $6.80
10. Floral Sweater Top | $22.80

PS. Yesterday (28th) was my mom's birthday so I haven't had the time to read all of your posts and comment, I'm sorry about that, I'll probably do some commenting back today (but later, it's almost 00.15 AM here) :)

(* )I'm sorry to post something it's already sold out, I made the collage a couple weeks ago when it was still featured on the forever21 website.


I bought something.

Remember my post on penny loafers, anyone? So guess who found the perfect pair the other day? Yeah, it's me I'm talking about. Duh. They were on sale, for $10 and being the only pair of penny loafers laying lonely in the shop (and shockingly in my size, thing that almost never happens to me as I don't usually get lucky with sizes on sales!), it was meant to be, these beauties' destiny (if you don't believe in that stuff, honestly, me neither, I'm just trying to emphasize my dramatism) was being mine until the end of its days. I've worn them a couple times already, but didn't take pictures. Instead, I made a couple experiments on Polyvore yesterday/today on how I'm planning to wear them for fall/spring (of course that, in real life, the outcome will be in a little cheaper version, Polyvore is full of clothes that I, a 18-year-old student, could never afford by myself).
Knit cardigan
Por aishaa on Polyvore.com


Thanks for the comments on the previous post (which I'll be gladly returning as soon as possible). It was really I post I enjoyed much writing and collecting pictures for. The success the post on hippies had, encourages me to talk more about subcultures, which is a topic I've been exploring and interested in for a long time. Expect more on that, then (;


The hippie look as it was in the mid 60s.

The hippie subculture started on the US in the 60s. It was a youth movement whose main philosophy was being free, therefore their beliefs included beings against the Vietnam war, prejudices of that time like racism or gender differences and political/social orthodoxy. As popular as it got, it influenced music, art and, of course, fashion. The 60s hippies' style had a more interesting background than most people think it had. As these people used to be against consumerism, they would rather buy their stuff in second hand stores or make their clothes themselves. Psychedelic tees/shirts, tie-dyed pieces, headbands/headscarves and long necklaces are some of the stuff we're about to see on these pictures. Everything they wore looks original and natural to me. The long messy hair, the women with almost no make-up (or no make-up at all) and still so beautiful. I've compiled all these pictures from various sites (most of them are from the 69 Woodstock music festival), enjoy!

(Notice: John's bag and Janis' dress)

(Notice: Skinny headband)

(Notice: a bunch of long necklaces)


UO Trends

Racerback tops, CUTE high-waisted printed skirts (that look a lot like painted canvas), leather pieces & strappy sandals. Besides telling you I love every single piece on this post, that I'm feeling better and that I'll be returning comments today at night... I have nothing else to add right now.



I've been laying on my bed almost all day, watching the beatles anthology. I have a flu, but the worst part is that it came with a sore throat and it hurts everytime I eat/drink something. Being sick makes me less hungry, but anyway I still eat because I'm taking antibiotics. Hopefully I'll get better by the weekend. I'll be back very very soon, so you shouldn't be worried, this is no hiatus.


I have a question for you.

Yesterday in the morning I joined my mom and sister for doing some shopping. My mom needed a pair of casual black sandals (with little heel) and my sister was looking for crazy coloured ballerinas. While they kept trying on loads of shoes, I took a couple pictures of my pants tucked in the gladiators I bought a month ago (I couldn't find a pair before that!). Can you believe that after nearly two years of being the bomb in North america/Europe they've just reached popularity here? Well, happens that we're in summer at the moment and I was wondering... have you had enough of gladiators or are you planning to wear them for spring? (for people who live in countries whose weather is cold now of course). In the afternoon, I met some people from uni near the seafront (Malecón, for those who understand spanish) and together went for some arabic food (last picture is of my Baba ghanoush plate).


Loeffler Randall vs Urban outfitters.

We know department stores aren't that creative all the time, UO is not an exception. I've been in love with this Loeffler Randall skirt since I first saw it last year and when I saw the same skirt on UO website for $48 I recognized it inmediately. I can't say the UO one is cheap, but it's definitely cheaper than the original one. Do you like it? Considering they pretty much have the same cut and design, which one would you buy if you had the money?


Miranda's all black outfit

I remember how long skirts managed to stay in for a couple of months last year. I actually didn't expect to see more of them this year, but Miranda Kerr proved me wrong when she wore a black one while shopping in LA last week She dressed all in black and let the accesories and hair be the main outfit's attraction. The lesson? Wide belts, flats and fringed bags work great with long skirts.


Daisy Lowe's style (what a cliché tittle for a post)

I made this collage the other day and found out she's all about pretty dresses, thights and Dr. martens.


My birthday was on Sunday.

My 18th birthday has been my best birthday so far. Here you're considered legal at that age, is that the same in your countries? I've heard in some, you have to be 21 to be considered an adult. Anyway, now I am a citizen :). The barbecue with my family turned out awesome, almost everyone showed up and that meant a lot for me. I wore a dress that used to belong to one of my aunts (I believe it is from the 70s), wish I had a better picture of it to show you, because this one doesn't make it justice. I received many presents, but I'm only posting a picture of the ones my parents/sister gave me the morning of the 11th (a funky wallet, a pair of amazing sandals, Turbopótamos' - peruvian band - second cd and $350). I also received money from another relatives, I think buying my own laptop would be a good investment, but that's just an idea, I'll wait and see what happens.

I'll return comments right away and will be working on a new post for tomorrow! Thanks a lot, guys, for your comments.



Yesterday I went to the beach with a couple of friends. I've never been much of a beach girl, but I had a great time. As you're probably suspecting, I took some pictures, my outfit was really simple, I just wore something I could take off and put on easily. My birthday is on Sunday 11th and I'll host a meeting with my relatives. Partying with friends will take place on another date, this time I'd rather do something more relaxed. I have a lot of things to do, I just ordered my cake today and they're gonna send it the same day (actually, I had to order two, because I have a huge family, I'm expecting like 50 people to come). I also took my dress to the dressmaker a couple hours ago, it doesn't fit me very well and she's gonna fix it.

Hope you enjoy the pictures!


Jessica Alba.

I found these pictures on justjared. I'm not a even a fan of hers - probably because I have never seen any of her movies (yeah, I didn't watch Sin city) - but this outfit made me love her already. Purple high-waisted pleated pants + bow belt + snakeskin bag + pretty heels + girly blouse + new haircut = perfection

Did you like it too?


Girls just wanna have fu-un.

Leather bags are chic, but nothing's cooler than an acid wash denim bag or a shiny backpack. Lucky you, American Apparel is selling both. So disco-pop. To increase the 80s vibe, make sure Cyndi Lauper's girls just wanna have fun is being played on your ipod (the contemporary version of the popular 'walkman'). Dancing crazily and yelling at your mom are permitted too, just like in the video.

Emma Watson's fashion picks keep me interested in some way.

Emma Watson appeared in my life when I was very young (nearly 12) and she started to work in the Harry Potter movies, which I was big fan of (mainly because I've read all the books). Maybe she's not the trend setter that girls such as Alexa Chung or Kate Moss are, but considering she's only 18, she has style and that's undeniable. Since I started this blog, every once a time I make a little post on her, just to show you all how she manages to go out wearing nice clothes mostly of the time. It's a fact that Emma Watson's style is much more appreciated by the media now that she's been wearing Chanel and Alberta Ferreti than it was when she used to wear dresses from not very famous designers (it shouldn't be like that, she has hade interesting choices before that too). Anyway, just to continue the tradition, here you have some pictures of the latest events she's been to.

Somerset House Ice Rink VIP Launch

Ano Una Premiere

PS. I'll return comments today's night (;


The rippered the better

I've written before about them, Vanessa and Ashley rocked a pair of ripped jeans last year. But, in the last months, Erin and Agyness took this trend to another level, some even say to an extreme. Tallulah Morton (a.k.a. the new Cobra snake muse) got some attention by wearing a pair too. There is a thing I like about them and with so many great pictures of people wearing these radical jeans, I'm really getting more interested on purshasing myself a pair (or making my own pair). What about you guys? Do you think they're too revealing? Would you wear them?


Animal print & Denim

Some of you may remember that (faux, I think) fur coat Kate Moss used to wear back in 2006. Well, seems like she has taken it out her closet again because she's been wearing it a lot lately. These two pictures are from last month. According to these pictures, leopard print jackets are not the only items making their comeback thanks to Kate, the frugal SS 2007 white denim trend is having a second chance too, this time in cold weather!