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Ten reasons to love Forever21

1. Harem jumpsuit | Sould out*
2. Dolly Fringe Vest | $24.80
3. Long Drawstring Hem Cardigan | $22.80
4. Cross & Coin Necklace | $10.80
5. Rainbow Stitch Knit Pant | $7.99
6. Strapless Floral Linen Dress | $24.80
7. H81 Marlie Sweater Vest | $10.99
8. The Beatles Tee | $15.80
9. Sequined Crochet Net Beret | $6.80
10. Floral Sweater Top | $22.80

PS. Yesterday (28th) was my mom's birthday so I haven't had the time to read all of your posts and comment, I'm sorry about that, I'll probably do some commenting back today (but later, it's almost 00.15 AM here) :)

(* )I'm sorry to post something it's already sold out, I made the collage a couple weeks ago when it was still featured on the forever21 website.

9 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Ten reasons to hate living in Geneva xD

Cathy Voyage dijo...

Unfortunately we don't have Forever21 here in Germany...

Fashion Babbler dijo...

great pics!! I love f21 they always have some great pieces.

syd vicious dijo...

I love that fringe vest!

heartofpearl♡ dijo...

omg i want no. 4, 5 & 6!!! especially the black pants! x

Anónimo dijo...

Las gafas a mi parecer son lo mejorcito del look de Janis,

Joyce the MONSTER! dijo...

Forever21 always has nice clothes, but the downside is everyone always buys them! Boo /: That's the one downside with them. Oh and also they produce plenty of knockoffs.

Jen (MahaloFashion) dijo...

I want it all
can't wait for my trip to NY in two weeks, I finally get to go to forever 21 again, it's been a whole year!

skale. dijo...

aayy sii forevr 21 es todoodododod