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Emma Watson's fashion picks keep me interested in some way.

Emma Watson appeared in my life when I was very young (nearly 12) and she started to work in the Harry Potter movies, which I was big fan of (mainly because I've read all the books). Maybe she's not the trend setter that girls such as Alexa Chung or Kate Moss are, but considering she's only 18, she has style and that's undeniable. Since I started this blog, every once a time I make a little post on her, just to show you all how she manages to go out wearing nice clothes mostly of the time. It's a fact that Emma Watson's style is much more appreciated by the media now that she's been wearing Chanel and Alberta Ferreti than it was when she used to wear dresses from not very famous designers (it shouldn't be like that, she has hade interesting choices before that too). Anyway, just to continue the tradition, here you have some pictures of the latest events she's been to.

Somerset House Ice Rink VIP Launch

Ano Una Premiere

PS. I'll return comments today's night (;

6 comentarios:

Romeika dijo...

She's very cute, but I'm not mad about her style..

Btw, I just tagged u!

Cathy Voyage dijo...

I didn't realized before that she has so much style!

Javiera dijo...

Hola! descubri recien ayer tu blog, y me encanto! me siento feliz de ver que hay mas fashionistas por estos lados (yo soy de Chile) y encuentro mas interesante que lo escribas todo en ingles, valor! yo puedo con suerte leerte y tu redactas facilmente! mi blog todavia esta naciendo, y prefiero leer que escribir. Pero aca tienes a una nueva lectora :)

con respecto a lo de emma, siempre me ha interesado su estilo, y la admiro por ser tan joven y tener tanto, como tu dijiste.

te mando saludos, Javi.

Zoë dijo...

i think she's beautiful! She has such class compared to other girls her age in Hollywood.


la petite fashionista dijo...

I like that she doesn't look like she's perfectly styled by a professional. She has her own unique look:)

kelly dijo...

i am in love with emma watson!! she is really doing well in the fashion department and she seems so sweet in interviews!!