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Leap year post

I had to post today, mainly because we only have 29th February every four years, that means the next time I write a post on 29th of February will be in 2012. So yeah, it's quite a big thing. Also, Congrats to all those leapers (just in case any of them visits my blog) who can actually celebrate their birthdays in the real date today and not in February 28th/1st March like they usually do. But don't worry, that makes you special ;).

For today, another quick outfit post. They require less amount of time and actually are pretty fun to make, you know, just setting the camera on the tripod and then run and pose. Of course, sometimes you don't come up with a 'cool' pose in the right moment and the camera flashes before you're done and you end up looking pretty silly, just like me in the second picture.

Glasses: Vintage
Shirt: Dad's
Trousers: Lounge
Top: Topitop
Scarf worn as belt: Do it

The brands I wear are usually only sold in my country, I'm posting the name of the stores just if some peruvian ever visits the site. I also have clothes from h&m and from other foreign stores my mother/aunts/cousins buy for me when they travel, but I have to say most of my wardrobe is full of secondhand and peruvian pieces.

Well, I must hurry up, because every blog I own has to have their own 29th February post. I'm afraid that by know you might think I'm kind of obsessed, ha. You shouldn't think so, but in case you do, don't be shy and comment on that, I won't feel offended 8-)

PS. Thanks for the nice comments and ideas for posts. I also agree with some of you who told me everything was fine as far as it is original.


Outfit & schedules

I'm having a hard time making my schedules for university. Ohmygod, it's so difficult to make everything fit and leave some time for lunch. Classes start in March, the second Monday i believe. Today's post is very short, I know I don't post on my outfits that much but I had to show this nice flower print dress (soon to be my dress) I found on my mother's wardrobe. I'm also wearing gray socks and the lace-up booties i wrote about a while ago. By the way, this is my 50th post, pretty awesome, huh?

me + floral dress

Dress: mom's
Socks: unknown
Ankle Boots: Papagayo


PS. As I'm lacking of ideas for posts, I was going to ask you for some help. I would really appreciate it if you could post some ideas of what would you (blogger or not) like to read about in the blog :)


The lace-up white pumps

Sometimes i can't get inspiration from the rich and famous or the runway shoes either and that's when I start checking out street style sites, you know, loads of pictures of people who doesn't necessarily follow the trends and still look cool, how amazing is that?

So, here I'll introduce you to my last purchase:

They're the coolest thing I own at the moment, seriously. They're just so practical and go with everything. I've worn them a couple of days so far and the reactions I've got were interesting, some pointed for others they were just "a weird thing to look at". I don't get why they seem strange for others. Maybe because these are the kind of shoes that construction workers wear. They're very cheap over here, they costed me like 35 soles (compared to the other sneakers, which are usually over 60 soles), which in US dollars are like $ 12. I also saw them at Topshop.

pd. Will return comments ASAP ;) I came back from the beach yesterday at night and i was way too tired, today I'm alright, off the watch ugly betty!


Oversized glasses

Luella happenned to be one of the most applauded collections for Spring 08. The flower prints, the lace up boots... just perfect. But, it wasn't only that, the thing that caught our eyes the most were those thick frammed oversized glasses that until then we thought only grandmothers could pull off. Luella definitely made an statement.

I started wearing glasses two years ago, before I got into University. The amount of reading and the time I spend on the computer (working, making essays, blogging) made my ophthalmologist realize my need of reading glasses (I only wear them when watching tv , reading or when I'm in front of the computer). We're in Summer at the moment, and the climate is hot as hell, so I can't stand wearing too many accesories, having said that, you'll understand better why I just can't keep my hand off my lovely oversized glasses, even when I'm just walking around some mall and I have no need to wear them. I bought the frames last year just after watching the Luella show for less than $4 (US dollars), and got my eyes tested again two weeks ago.

hahaha my braces complete the geek look =P

Here you have some inspiration I found around street style sites. Credits to: face hunter, the cobra snake, copenhagen street style

Valentine's day? Well, I don't really mind about it. I had lunch with my dad and sister and I'll probably hang out at my friend's house later, just the usual stuff, you know goofing around, talking and eating maybe (although, i really hope we don't, because I ate a lot on lunch). Valentine's just like another day. I love my friends and I will tell them so everytime I can, not only because it's 14th February, that would be just wrong.

Btw, i got a new camera! a canon powershot Sd-1000, because we lost (ehem, ehem, I) lost the sony cybershot we used to own.

Thanks for the nice comments!


The February great ones :)

I watched the Grammys on Sunday, actually it was just the Red carpet (on E!) , I got too tired after that. I won't talk about Grammy's fashion, mostly because I didn't feel blown away by almost any of the dresses, although Natasha Bedingfield's and Carrie Underwood's dresses were ok. But what I did found interesting, was that Tom Higgerson went to the awards ceremony with that girl "Delilah", you know the muse who inspired him to write "Hey there Delilah", they told the story on the red carpet, pretty fun to hear, and the girl was seriously cute. Did anybody else watch that interview? oh, and Am I the only one who finds Miley Cyrus truly annoying?, she always looks like she's trying too hard, and as much as she tries she still doesn't make any cool and proper for her age choice (at least, to my eyes).

Whatever, now I'll post pictures of what i really found interesting in the past couple of weeks.

Keira Knightley
She attended BAFTA awards in London on Sunday, wearing a beautiful Valentino dress. Doesn't matter she didn't win the Best Leading Actress award, she's still gorgeous. Yeah, I have a thing for british actresses. Also for british actors. Oh, and british indie rockers and their accent. Enough said.

Emma Watson
Thumbs up for this outfit of hers. Looked stunning in the Burberry and Vanity Fair Portrait in London, although I think she could have done something better with her hair. Besides how beautiful her dress is, the metallic clutch, the heels and the Burberry belt totally make the outfit. Also love the natural, nude make-up, she's pretty, she doesn't need loads of it.

Chloë Sevigny

What can I say? she looked just perfect when hosting the Samsonite Black Label Trunk Collection Launch Party. Pale Rose with b&w flowers dress and black tights are definitely a great combination. Claps for her, she can't do wrong, can she?

Victoria Beckham

I like Victoria Beckham but I tend to dislike her fashion choices, mainly because she wears too matching outfits. Anyway, after seeing these pictures of she walking around New York city with her son, I'm re-evaluating my thoughts on her, because everything she's wearing works great together.

PS. Thanks for all the nice comments. I'll comment back as soon as possible, probably later at night ;)


Thanks, Alexander Wang, you genius

I was checking the Alexander Wang site, which by the way is on revamp, and i saw these beautiful pictures that really made me crave some boy clothing items. It's interesting to see how nice styled and cute pictures may change your perspectives a little bit, at least for some items (never for crocs. I just had to make that clear).

The Shorts
First i thought of cutting some of my old jeans, but when i tried them on, they were way too tight on my thighs and that was not how i wanted it to look. Then i showed the pictures to my dad and He inmediately noticed these were obviously man jeans. How fool I am :), I guess I'll look for them and then cut them, oh and i have to make sure they fall a little bit (just like they do on the girl in the picture).

The shirt
I'll guess I'll just get one in S, because I'm normally an M size in girls/women clothing and then roll the sleeves. I'm so excited.

Now I have to ask myself: how many times have I came upon both of these items and totally ignored them? I have seen them before, many times on thrift stores, they have thousands of them. Or at least, they used to. Now, I just have to go again, but with a new and different idea of what's cool for me now.


Add some rock n' roll to your life

I remember writing some months ago about how plaid reminded me of the very talented Kurt Cobain (RIP). Inspired on the "channeling" idea, I've prepared this post to discuss about how some old rock n roll items are still being worn today making average outfits more interesting.


Some days ago, Kat from She's in Vogue wrote about how important is to have a striped t-shirt. I was not surprised to read that some people considered it even a basic in their wardrobes. It's not like "the 80s are not back", because they were always here, and the classic striped tee is a proof of that.

Rachel Bilson, Mary Kate Olsen & Nicole Richie


Ripped jeans. It's not like "ohmygod they're back", but we don't have to follow fashion exactly like magazines and E! news tell us, right?. No, no. Here you have some pictures of how Ashley Olsen and Vanessa Hudgens managed to look great with ripped jeans.


Jim Morrison, leader of The doors, another of my favurite bands, was popular for wearing these, that's right, leathr pants were huge in the 70s. But now, I really can't picture myself on them. As leather pants are pretty difficult to pull off, designers around the world came up with a more up-to-date version of leather trousers: spandex lamé leggings.

Kate Moss, MK Olsen & Ashley Olsen


The popular Axel Rose look. I've tried this look many times (perfect for concerts). It's very cool and easy to do and it doesn't matter how boring is your outfit, a headband like this will make everything look much more fun.

Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie & Vanessa Hudgens (with a more sophisticated version of the headband)


Mid & tall boots are fine but...

Here you have the last item on my wishlist: short boots. I used to think they weren't cool, but actually (now I've seen pictures of Keira, Ashlee and Sienna wearing them properly) they are. I'm amazed by how great these work even with trousers tucked in, can't wait to see more people rocking these booties. I'll get a pair of them for winter :)

Keira Knightley

Ashlee Simpson

Sienna Miller


Some short boots from Urban Outfitters