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Leap year post

I had to post today, mainly because we only have 29th February every four years, that means the next time I write a post on 29th of February will be in 2012. So yeah, it's quite a big thing. Also, Congrats to all those leapers (just in case any of them visits my blog) who can actually celebrate their birthdays in the real date today and not in February 28th/1st March like they usually do. But don't worry, that makes you special ;).

For today, another quick outfit post. They require less amount of time and actually are pretty fun to make, you know, just setting the camera on the tripod and then run and pose. Of course, sometimes you don't come up with a 'cool' pose in the right moment and the camera flashes before you're done and you end up looking pretty silly, just like me in the second picture.

Glasses: Vintage
Shirt: Dad's
Trousers: Lounge
Top: Topitop
Scarf worn as belt: Do it

The brands I wear are usually only sold in my country, I'm posting the name of the stores just if some peruvian ever visits the site. I also have clothes from h&m and from other foreign stores my mother/aunts/cousins buy for me when they travel, but I have to say most of my wardrobe is full of secondhand and peruvian pieces.

Well, I must hurry up, because every blog I own has to have their own 29th February post. I'm afraid that by know you might think I'm kind of obsessed, ha. You shouldn't think so, but in case you do, don't be shy and comment on that, I won't feel offended 8-)

PS. Thanks for the nice comments and ideas for posts. I also agree with some of you who told me everything was fine as far as it is original.

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aficionada dijo...

this is so super cute!
you make highwaist pants look GOOD! :)

Tru dijo...

yay for leap year!!! my 4 month anniversary with my boyfriend is today. lol

lara - dijo...

Jajaja, está algo desorganizado el posteo. Es para me mejor amig a que regresó a visitarnos (she is living abroad..en realidad en otra provincia) y para un amigo que se fue, también, a la misma provincia que mi amiga. Que loco! Encima no tube tiempo de elavorarlo. En fin, me gusta el vestido que subiste anteriormente! Y los zapatos (con medias)

Jen (MahaloFashion) dijo...

I love your geeky glasses they really look good on you!

emsie dijo...

love your shirt
oh i didn't have time to post yesterday
never mind

LML dijo...

love the outfit - very creative! i love the outfit below as well - very chloe sevigny:D

maria-c dijo...

ame el esmalte azul de revlon, me encanto el color, nice blog kisses!

Wendy dijo...

Gosh those glasses are really awesome!

saray dijo...

soo cute!
love it!

Agos dijo...

i heart the shirt-couple of weeeks ago i was srtrolling with my dad and told her (so out of the blue) "yo dad, why do't u ever purchase squared-pattern shirts?". so i can steal them, of course. and he went like "because i'm a bloody manager, i can't look like a lumber jack" XD!
well, he didn't say exactly that, i just rephrased because i'm funnier xD!

Tinsley dijo...

havent been on your blog in a while! this outfit is adorable love the glasses :)

come join the bloggers fashion forum


hope you join!

Ediot dijo...

you look so great! love this look! you fit perfectly with those glasses!

anna. dijo...

cute outfit!

Romeika dijo...

You're rocking the geek look with these glasses!!