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My High-waisted trousers (:

Although I love surprises, my mother asked me what I wanted for my birthday. At starters I didn't know, so we decided to go to the mall :) and I found these trousers, my mother loved them (she hates low-rise jeans since it sometimes lets some undies show when girls get off the bus), so she bought them for me, those and black shorts, which are little corset on top, but not too high waisted. They are actually more slimming than I thought they were, I wasn't sure at the beginning, but yeah, they're cool and I have worn them for the last three days in a row (time to wash them i guess). Uh, and my butt doesn't look that flat, does it?. For the girls, who live in Peru, you can find these at Saga falabella, the brand is Lounge.

Here you have some pictures. This is not the outfit I really wore that day, at least not all. Even if it was hot, i added a palestina, indian bangles and a fedora.

Hope you can see the layout now, I've tried to fix it and now it works, at least for me (tell me if it doesn't show for you). Thanks everyone for telling me it wasn't working and tried to help.


Blue is the new black

I've already told you, I've always wanted to work, but because of my age (I'm seventeen) no-one would hire me, you have to be 18 to work here. People are scared to hire people who are underage because if the police finds them they would have to pay a fine. last year I managed myself to earn some money by giving english lessons to my little nephew (daughter of my cousin) once a week, but now she's on vacations, so she doesn't need my help. If i had my own money I'd probably had already bought the chanel blue satin nailpolish. Well, not really, I went asking the other day for it at a local mall and the seller told me that it will come out here in March (it's usually like that, the trends come here three months after it has been released on the US/Europe) and that it would cost me $25. With not much money and no hope to get it before march ( and also before it gets too popular as black nailpolish did), I came to the decision that I would save every penny I got since then.

I know The nailpolish is sold out because I visited the chanel site and it didn't appear on the list anymore. But, I have the solution for all of you guys who are willing to spend over 20 bucks on it (and I'm sure it's worht it), people call it ebay. Buying it online was my second option actually, but the price plus shipping to Peru... ehrm... waaay too expensive. Anyways, you can check the prices here and I think the best option, for nearly $18 is this.

Fortunately, none of those two options were necessary and I'll tell you why. Well, the thing is was walking around some supermarkets, when I saw a little little little Revlon spot (they're always little, they don't have much stuff like mac, whose stores are huge here). Revlon has a new collection called dark pleasures, and there it was a sparkly dark blue nailpolish, it totally reminded me to the chanel's one. I so wanted to get it, so I borrowed $7 from my mother, I told her I would return the money when I have it.

The colour is called midnight affair. On the website's pictures it looks much more clearer than it really is, so I took some pictures of my nailpolish too, although the flash from the camera doesn't help that much. It's crazy, when I'm out it looks lighter and when I'm indoors it looks almost black. The nailpolish is very good, I'm wearing it right now and it really lasts, of course It'll last longer if you apply two coats.

P.S.: As much as I refresh the site, the layout won't show up, i don't know if it has something to do with blogger or with my site. The layout should look like this, doesn't it look like that on your screens? does it even show up? (it doesn't show for me). Help?



Hey everyone. Today I've been working hard on organizing the site. It just looked so messy to me. I hated the layout, although I loved the Cacharel picture, it just looked so plain and boring to me. The sidebar thing was out of control, links everyone, a list of fanlistings I was getting tired of because by the time i joined them I had another site and all those listings have the URL of my old site and I couldn't find my password to change my information. Daaaaah, and I still don't get blogger completely. I was so pissed trying to get everything alright, HTML can be a bitch sometimes. But, now is done. Thank God.

Hope you like the new layout, it's more my style and when I see it, it makes me feel like blogging :). I'm working on a new post at the moment, I'm planning to put up on Monday or maybe, tomorrow. I have to return loads of comments also =), I will, after my next post =).

That all for now, I'm not tired at all, but mom says I have to sleep. It's always like that, she says hearing me typing disturbs her. I guess it's ok.


My birthday and stuff

Hey everyone. It has been a while since my last post. My Birthday was on Friday (11th) and I had a great time. We went to a very cool restaurant (you can read more about it and check out some pictures HERE & HERE) and ate lucuma cake. I didn't receive many gifts, which is ok as I didn't expect any at all because I just celebrated it with my family (parents and young sister, Ximena) and I didn't do a meeting for all my relatives. My sister bought me a beautiful stuffed bunny and a Hersey's HUGE chocolate (those they call "kisses", so it was one big kiss). I also received chocolates from my ex-boyfriend, which was kind of awkward =L. My friend, Jessica ♥, bought me some earrings and this long funky thing to put my glasses or cellphone inside which I love. My aunt went to Europe last month and came back last week, she also got some lovely goodies for me (the first two tops and make-up, my mother bought me the other two nail polish bottles) and my sister.



It's all about accesorizing your hair

Gossip girl is definitely an inspiration. Their looks are always fun, girly and very up do date. Here you have so tips to achieve the Gossip girl look. I'm planning to do some more posts about the fashion in these series, but for now, here you have the first part: about the hair.





Some gifts, some buys.

Here's some stuff (fashion related) that I received for Christmas or that I bought with the money they gave me for Christmas. I also received some books, which I'm reading, but I'll be posting about them on my other blog (http://mega-fono.blogspot.com), which I created specially to write about literature, movies, music, fashion and of course, myself and what I feel.

Well, here you have the pictures.

Finally! yellow shoes ♥

Silver earrings and bracelet from my mother

I wanted glasses that looked like the one Audrey Hepburn wore on "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I didn't found a exact copy, but these will do ok.

These are soooo cool. They're toilet earrings, haha. I'll wear them for sure. My secret santa friend gave me them with another awesome stuff and chocolates, yum!

It's funny that when everyone's sick of them, I just ahd the opportunity to get my own. Well, Fedoras have just started to be sold here, they're not very popular around, but I've seen some people rocking it at my university (specially guys).

A floral mini-dress I just loved when I saw


New year's eve

I spent it with my family and it was so fun. Here you have some pictures I took. The dress I wore used to belong to one of my aounts, so I guess It's from the 70s or something like that. Oh, and also I got a haircut, it's kinda like a bob but a little longer =). I also did my make-up myself.