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Some gifts, some buys.

Here's some stuff (fashion related) that I received for Christmas or that I bought with the money they gave me for Christmas. I also received some books, which I'm reading, but I'll be posting about them on my other blog (http://mega-fono.blogspot.com), which I created specially to write about literature, movies, music, fashion and of course, myself and what I feel.

Well, here you have the pictures.

Finally! yellow shoes ♥

Silver earrings and bracelet from my mother

I wanted glasses that looked like the one Audrey Hepburn wore on "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I didn't found a exact copy, but these will do ok.

These are soooo cool. They're toilet earrings, haha. I'll wear them for sure. My secret santa friend gave me them with another awesome stuff and chocolates, yum!

It's funny that when everyone's sick of them, I just ahd the opportunity to get my own. Well, Fedoras have just started to be sold here, they're not very popular around, but I've seen some people rocking it at my university (specially guys).

A floral mini-dress I just loved when I saw

18 comentarios:

Shopaholic D dijo...

thanks for stopping by my blog!

i love those yellow shoes - so fab!

:) D

coco dijo...

The yellow shoes remind me of a pair I saw Cameron Diaz wearing
they are very cute!

Seraphine dijo...

I love the jewelry from your mother. Silver is my favorite.

Imelda dijo...

Wow, those shoes are great!!! I'm searching for shoes like that! Are they pumps or flats?

And that dress, so cute!

The Seeker dijo...

wow, I love your yellow shoes!!!
and the toilett earrings are really cute, to have fun with friends.
The new blog you have is also in English? I must check it, because I'm also interested with deep thoughts.


Kristin dijo...

I LOVE the shoes. And the earrings. haha

Jen (MahaloFashion) dijo...

I can't see your pictures...i refreshed twice.. :(

evie dijo...

i love those shoes and the dress! very pretty

Kat dijo...

I love those yellow shoes! So fun and bright, perfect for spring! Those silver earrings are pretty too.
loving your blog, would you like to exchange links?

Wendy dijo...

Those yellow shoes are awesome! I love all your new items.

LML dijo...

your shoes and toilet earrings make my day!

Heather dijo...

I really like the toilet earrings :)!

discothequechic dijo...

um, toilet earrings?

Ha, okay, that's pretty crazy..

Love the floral dress though, very cute, and channeling the Chloe Sevigny Opening Ceremony collection.

By the way, a belated thanks for the Thinking Blogger Award, was a very nice surprise to see my name there and perked me up!

Anónimo dijo...

those toilet earrings are adorable, do you know if your Santa made them?

Anónimo dijo...

those toilet earrings are adorable, do you know if your Santa made them?

Rita dijo...

Noté que los lentes oscuros están sobre una copia de "El Túnel".
A la moda e intelectual, me gusta encontrar personas así :)

Romeika dijo...

I love everything on this post! Especially the shoes;-)

the t-shirt girl dijo...

cute dress! im linking you