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H&M Divided Fall 2009 Collection

Although it's not exactly the most creative thing ever (now we are a lot familiar with studs, leather, ripped denim and zippers), H&M's Fall/Winter 2009 collection quite impressed me and offers some key-items for the season. I'm really lusting over the vest and the second dress (the non-strapless one). What about you?

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Julian Louier FW09

After his successful summer/spring collection I couldn't expect any less of the fall one. These are my favourite looks from it. The tailored jacket from the third model is pretty rad, wonder if we'll see any socialite, model or celebrity wearing one of those some time soon.

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Indian summer: Vogue UK (June 2009)

After seeing these pictures from the Indian Summer editorial we could conclude the ethnic trend, very a la Janis Joplin, is still going strong, huh? There's no problem with that, I think I'll never get tired of that trend. For those who left their tye-dyed clothing and round sunglasses in the back of their wardrobe... what about giving them another chance?

Model: Daria Werbowy
Photographer: Patrick Demarchelier
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More pretty dresses.

This time they are from Mink Pink.


Like... super-super nice.

Magazine Numero Tokyo featured Vlada Roslyakova on their June editorial "Valley Girl". The editorial immediately will take everyone who sees it back to the 80's fun. Most people tend to say 80's fashion is quite hideous, I think we should re-consider that and use it as an inspiration for a more upgraded look. Worn with moderation, some of these clothes could actually work in a great way. Whenever I watch pictures from two decades ago, I do nothing but thinking how cool big hair bows, scrunchies, acid denim, crazy coloured sneakers and high ponytails can get. Which items from the 80s would you consider keeping in your wardrobe?

"(...)There's like the Galleria and like all these like really great shoe stores... I love going into like clothing stores and stuff. I like buy the neatest mini-skirts and stuff. "
- Valley Girl (Frank Zappa)

Model: Vlada Roslyakova
Photographer: David Vasiljevic
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The other day I bought three cardigans.

Feels like mother nature listened to my prayers and decided to give us some lower temperatures this week. Getting to see Lima's very grey sky while laying on the campus' hay is something I enjoy very much. Undoubtedly, I'd consider myself a fall person and one of the parts I love the most about this season is finally being able to layer without feeling like if I was inside an oven. Cardigans are basic these days and as I noticed I was lacking of them: some shopping was required!


Photographer: Gemma Booth

Beautiful pictures by the very talented english photographer Gemma Booth. She accomplished a balance on these, I would say. I just like how delicate they look, even when the denim, crimpled hair and dark nailpolish would suggest a whole different vibe. Also, I have no idea of who the make-up artist was, but the dark thick eyebrows definitely made an statement here.

Model: Ellen Danes
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Julian Louie SS09

I think I had never seen so many pretty mini dresses in one runway show. Actually, I think I had never wanted to have an entire collection inside my wardrobe until I saw this one. The truth is I would wear every single piece from Julian's Spring/summer 2009 runway show, they all seem very flattering. The structural aesthetic, the pastel colours, the zippers, ruffles and Swarovski crystals, it just can't get any better. Not noticing the relationship between architecture and fashion is his work is imposible and that has to do with him being an architect.

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Camilla Åkrans is incredibly talented. Mona Johannesson, way too pretty.

I wanted to post these two pictures a while ago, mainly because the lightning that defines the shadows is amazing. Not to mention, the pixie super short hair and smoky eyes combo doesn't cease to amaze me. If you wonder, the girl from the pictures above is the swedish model Mona Johannesson captured by Camilla Åkrans' lens (whose whole work, in my opinion, would be worth a look as her camera skills are undeniable).

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With fall at the end of the corner, I think it's time for me to start wearing hair accesories again (that I totally ignored on summer when all I wanted was rolling my hair into a high bun). The accesories posted above seem very sophisticated and you will probably recognize them because they're usually seen on Gossip Girl’s Blair Waldorf. Jennifer Behr is the creative woman behind these beautiful designs, which are made mainly of swarovski crystals, silk and cording.

Trend alert: Jeggings

With most fashionistas looking forward the end of leggings, jeggings were probably not expected in any way. The word Jeggings comes from jeans+leggings and is knit from cotton & spandex. They are rumored to be incredibly comfy and not as see-trough as most leggings (plus they have pockets!). I wasn't really sure about them, but Susie Bubble made me re-think on that when she wore a pair of beautiful floral ones from asos. Anyway, even when they're considered almost trousers, I think we should still be careful with pairing them as they're incredibly revealing because of the thightness factor. I would suggest going slouchy on top and wearing something long enough to cover at least half of your butt.

You can get any of the three first ones for £22 at Miss Selfridge and the floral on for £30 at Asos.

Would you wear them?


Acne FW09

(This is how a leather jacket looks over a blazer)
(also, be sure to check the print on the back)
(and... what about the leather blazer?)

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More inspiration.

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Irina Lazareanu on Vogue Italy

It's great to see her and her lovely bangs in these pictures captured by Miles Aldridge's camera. Irina has been my favourite model since I can remember... you have no idea of how much I missed seeing her around.

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Julia Roitfeld's NYC flat.

Julia Roitfeld, mainly famous for being Corinne Roitfeld's (Vogue Paris fashion editor) 28-year -old daughter, moved to New York city some years ago. And, now, thanks to the increible website The selby we're able to somehow invade her space and check out some of the nice stuff she has in her apartment. I'm personally blown away by the sea of shoes she owns. To complement these pictures I also found some info on the internet.
"It’s liberating living in New York. I can dress pretty much how I want to and people are less judgmental than they are in France. In Paris, women have this very classic touch that perhaps some New Yorkers envy, but it is very, very conservative. People have such fun with their clothes here and they are open to new ideas."

"(...)I don’t shop that much. I might buy a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs because he makes great day to evening dresses, or I go for some vintage at Resurrection in NoLita. When I’m in Paris, though, aside from the odd trip to Miu Miu or Prada, I’d prefer to go to a sex shop in Pigalle for a miniskirt. And of course I also get to raid my mother’s wardrobe because she is incredibly generous."
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Jojo & Malou SS09

Jojo Ericson and Malou Palmqvist (both swedish girls) created Jojo&Malou in 2005. Since then, their designs have been featured in popular magazines such as Elle & Nylon. Here's their latest collection, full of fresh & young looking dresses and quirky prints as usual. Very Alice in Wonderland, right?


Girls partying.

Today has been one of those days. I woke up pretty early (5.30 am) to attend my German class, which starts at 7 am. Then had lunch and came back home. I thought I could take a nap before leaving for my 7 pm class session, but decided to read my e-mail first. For my surprise, I had one new message and it said I had to go to uni at 5 pm because I had a message over there, so my little nap would have to take place on another time. Grabbed my harem trousers (which i'm addicted to now) and a long red cardigan and took the bus (actually it wasn't a bus, it was more like a van, we use those here for transportation). Arrived to uni and took the stupid letter, then met with some friends and decided to go for some yoghurt (I have a thing for dairy products). Then came back to the campus and met another people and talked until it was 7 pm. Then I runned to my classroom and guess what? The lector never came. Class session was cancelled. I was happy in a way because I would come home earlier (usually class is dismissed at 10 pm), but also annoyed because I waited two hours for it to start! Argh. Actually, this is what my life is like lately, waking up early and going to bed late have became very usual, yet not very pleasant for my body. The amount of work and reading is outrageous now. I wish I could sleep more and then, when I'm not tired anymore go out for a good chat and some drinks all dressed in pretty clothes just like those girls who appear on thecobrasnake.

And yeah, this was one of those personal posts bloggers have to do once in a while in order to reedem themselves.

Chanel handbag & Balmain military jacket.

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Peplum dresses.

The peplum dress as seen in the 40s (although they were fashionable in the 80s too) has made its comeback to the fashion scene. If you wonder, a Peplum, according to this dictionary, can be defined as "a flared ruffle attached to the waistline of a dress or jacket or blouse". Do you have any thoughts on the peplum revival?


Street fashion photos.

Street style blogs are always full of fashion eyecandy. The girls featured next are normal people (like you, like me) who dress well with no personal stylist and that's what makes street fashion so intriguing. Attention: a monochromatic outfit, a pair of knee high socks, a cropped tee & a sick stripes+plaid combo are coming next:

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The lace trend: isn't it pretty?

At the moment, I can only think of three ways for wearing lace: 1)Looking like a granny, 2)Looking like a goth, 3)Going feminine. The first one is not an option if you're younger than 80 (not that older ladies don't look lovely in it, it's just not age-appropiate). The second worked for Prada's FW08 collection. Fortunately, the lace trend is still going strong and is considered a must have for spring, this time to approach a more feminine and sophisticated look. Don't give away your lace items from last season, remember it's all about mixing and being creative!


Models wearing band tees.

Band tees are timeless and the older they look, the better, I think. I've been looking for one that features the Velvet Underground 1969 album for a long time, but the only one I've found so far is the one with the banana on it (VU & Nico). Makes me think that maybe it's time for a DIY project. Jessica Stam, Agyness Deyn & Freja Beha Erichsen may like respectively Metallica, The clash & Led Zeppelin from what we see in these pictures. Or maybe not and they're just into band tees at the moment.


Backstage: Rag & bone FW09

1. I love Freja's tattoo.
2. Coco Rocha might be the cutest redhead in the fashion industry.
3. I have that Oscar Wilde's book on my waiting list. In fact, I'm sad I haven't done much pleasure reading lately because of the large amount of notes and books I receive every week from professors at uni.

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I know everyone has already posted about it, but...

I should post about Balmain's fall collection because is hot, but instead I'm posting the spring collection, dear people, because it was very trend-setting. Christophe Decarnin made women lust over bleached denim and that's quite an accomplishment after the years of rejection it suffered. That's how fashion works, you can hate one item one day and love it the next day after watching such a kick-ass runway show. Also, noticed the Michael Jackson resemblance in the jacket, anyone? I wonder if this could be the comeback of military jackets (in its all glammed up version of course).


Pretty summer dresses.

They're all from Built by Wendy, a NYC brand.

I changed the appearance of the site, once again. It was about time. Hope you like it. I also changed the about me section... ah, nothing too poetic, just a couple of new facts. I'll probably work on a better "about me" in the next days, now it's all about studying for mid-term examinations.

Alice Ritter: F/W 09 Collection

She defines her own line as "French Girl in New York" (easy to understand, as she's french but moved to NYC 9 years ago). Her fall/winter collection inmediately caught my eye. I love how it's feminine, yet a little bit masculine at the same time. It's a cool twist from the tomboy-ish & grungy look we've seen a lot last year and that has become mainstream between young fashionistas. I'm not saying I've had enough of the studded stuff and bleached denim (because I haven't yet), but it's actually nice to see a change. Having said that, I conclude this collection describes pretty much how I'd love to look this fall. You can find more about her on her website.


The side ponytail & hot pink lips.

When I received this whowhatwear message it reminded me of these pictures of me wearing a vibrant pink lip paint from Barry M. When I first saw this shade between the amazing range of colours they have, I was very thrilled because it was exactly what I wanted, but I must confess I was a little unsure about the quality because of the little money I paid for it. The thing is, this product is really great and stays for a long time on (I should had bought more stuff from there).

Second thing... I joined Bloglovin' and you can follow my blog now, it's actually a good tool if you wanna keep yourself updated. I don't know why I always end up joining this kind of networks (same happenned when I said I wouldn't join facebook). Now I'm so curious to know who follows my blog and of course they won't tell me because it's anonymous.


Short playsuits.

I wouldn't have any problem with owning one of these now, because the sunny days are not going anywhere yet (even when it's supposedly autumn right now in Peru). They look so fun and cute and you could wear them for a day at the beach with flats/gladiators or to a date/party at night with high heels and a cardigan. Plus, it's a cool option if you want to stay away from the usual mini dresses for once!


Reality shots.

I have a huge collection of pictures I always keep in hand. Some of them are fashion forward, some aren't. Some are shot by professionals, some are not. It doesn't matter really, as long as I consider them pretty/creative/interesting enough. Anyway, we all know photography is very powerful when it comes to inspiration and that's what hopefully the next pictures will do to you: inspire you, make you think or smile. If any of those three options happened, then I will have accomplished my goal today.

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Whitney Port's style

Her show The City is full of well put together outfits and has become my only reason to watch MTV. I actually like Whitney, she's not an airhead like most socialites. Also, she was smart enough to stay out of the silly drama going on on the Hills. Other than her laid-back personality, I also find her sense of style very inspiring and I don't think I'm being partial when I say that.