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Reality shots.

I have a huge collection of pictures I always keep in hand. Some of them are fashion forward, some aren't. Some are shot by professionals, some are not. It doesn't matter really, as long as I consider them pretty/creative/interesting enough. Anyway, we all know photography is very powerful when it comes to inspiration and that's what hopefully the next pictures will do to you: inspire you, make you think or smile. If any of those three options happened, then I will have accomplished my goal today.

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6 comentarios:

coco dijo...

Fabulous selection of photos.

Putri Erdisa dijo...

wow! what a gorgeous collection, sweet! :D

please do visit my blog too.. :)

shopgirl28 dijo...

Great pics. They are really inspiring

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Fun snippets of inspiration.

Irene dijo...

I love every photo! Inspiration :D

Javiera dijo...

todas muy inspiradoras, me encantó la de 'hair peace, bed peace'