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The lace trend: isn't it pretty?

At the moment, I can only think of three ways for wearing lace: 1)Looking like a granny, 2)Looking like a goth, 3)Going feminine. The first one is not an option if you're younger than 80 (not that older ladies don't look lovely in it, it's just not age-appropiate). The second worked for Prada's FW08 collection. Fortunately, the lace trend is still going strong and is considered a must have for spring, this time to approach a more feminine and sophisticated look. Don't give away your lace items from last season, remember it's all about mixing and being creative!

6 comentarios:

Cathy Voyage dijo...

Oh yes, I love lace!

Rita dijo...

Me encanta el chaleco de UO!!!

Rafael Valladares de la Santa Cruz dijo...

Hay que aprovechar ahora que el pound está por el suelo

Jimena dijo...

claro que es pretty.... ese chalequito de UO me mató. wow. wow. wow.

es más, tengo unas como batitas de encaje que eran de mi bisabuela... estoy pensando en como podría adaptarlas al estilo de ese chaleco.

... te cuento que muy posiblemente voy a estar vendiendo mis cosillas en la próxima feria de la católica.

tienes que ir!

eveline fashion-diary dijo...

i loooove the lace!!!
it looks so beautifull and i think it's very girly!

i really like your choices :)

Anónimo dijo...

Skirt and dress are perfect !!