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Photographer: Gemma Booth

Beautiful pictures by the very talented english photographer Gemma Booth. She accomplished a balance on these, I would say. I just like how delicate they look, even when the denim, crimpled hair and dark nailpolish would suggest a whole different vibe. Also, I have no idea of who the make-up artist was, but the dark thick eyebrows definitely made an statement here.

Model: Ellen Danes
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5 comentarios:

ViCtoria* dijo...

Amé al ratoncito.

Eva. dijo...

ooh love the denim

LYDIA HOPE dijo...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos, they're like something from a Sophia Coppola.


Rita dijo...

Lindas fotos! Y a mí me encantan las cejas así, oscuras y abundantes, me parece que definen mejor la cara en la mayor parte de los casos.


Anónimo dijo...

Oh yes, I love that photographer !
I didn't knew this shoot, it's beautiful !