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Pretty summer dresses.

They're all from Built by Wendy, a NYC brand.

I changed the appearance of the site, once again. It was about time. Hope you like it. I also changed the about me section... ah, nothing too poetic, just a couple of new facts. I'll probably work on a better "about me" in the next days, now it's all about studying for mid-term examinations.

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ViCtoria* dijo...

Aww me encantan los vestidos! Sólo tengo un vestido veraniego, alucina.
Y el header está genial :)*

Anónimo dijo...

Delicate, fresh, adorable !


Hello Aisha!

I love everything about this blog! You should also love, you are doing a great job here! I love to discover new great and cool sites!
Thanks so much for your message!

a kiss and see you,

Anónimo dijo...

They are cute & im liking the new layout.
Where are the dresses from?
Mind if i link you?

The Clothes Horse dijo...

So simple, so sweet.