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Julia Roitfeld's NYC flat.

Julia Roitfeld, mainly famous for being Corinne Roitfeld's (Vogue Paris fashion editor) 28-year -old daughter, moved to New York city some years ago. And, now, thanks to the increible website The selby we're able to somehow invade her space and check out some of the nice stuff she has in her apartment. I'm personally blown away by the sea of shoes she owns. To complement these pictures I also found some info on the internet.
"It’s liberating living in New York. I can dress pretty much how I want to and people are less judgmental than they are in France. In Paris, women have this very classic touch that perhaps some New Yorkers envy, but it is very, very conservative. People have such fun with their clothes here and they are open to new ideas."

"(...)I don’t shop that much. I might buy a bit of Marc by Marc Jacobs because he makes great day to evening dresses, or I go for some vintage at Resurrection in NoLita. When I’m in Paris, though, aside from the odd trip to Miu Miu or Prada, I’d prefer to go to a sex shop in Pigalle for a miniskirt. And of course I also get to raid my mother’s wardrobe because she is incredibly generous."
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