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The dreamers movie: Clothing.

Writing on the clothing worn in movies is something I haven't done before. After watching "The dreamers" I was blown away not only because of the pretty attires, but because of the brilliant scripts, great cast and how visually beautiful it is. Bertolucci's movie takes place in Paris of 1968. It tells Matthew's story, an american exchange student in Paris. He meets Isabelle & Theo (twins) at a strike and quickly become friends. They basically ignore the real world (from there, the name of the movie, "the dreamers"), but that does't stop Matthew from thinking they are the ideal duo to be with as they share his love for arts, specially cinema. Together they experience an uncommon emotional trip (you'll understand what I mean by uncommon when you see the movie). I'd really recommend you guys to watch it if you haven't, although the whole nudity and taboo subjects could be a little disturbing for some as it's very graphic.

I'd love to write more on the plot, but unfortunately, this is not a film-blog, so I'll go straight to the point now: the fashion.

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I like this sweater, it's almost like wearing a comfy blanket on. Long enough to wear it as a dress if I fancy to, warm enough for those not-so-warm autumn days. The top knot has been my favourite way of styling my hair since I got the copenhage streetstyle feber a year ago, I should probably try something new, but I can't think of any quicker way to do my hair right now.

Sweater (a.k.a. "Chompa") bought in Cuzco, Deichmann heels, vertical stripped tights from Primark.


Black colour.

Remarkable items: The hat (with flower on top, of course), body conscious mini dresses (lace details are required) and cropped Arctic Monkeys t-shirt.

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Alexa Chung on Jalouse June 2009.

Is Alexa the most popular brit hipster at the moment or what? Not that I'm considering wearing a bra as a top or showing my stomach, but I quite enjoyed looking through these pictures. I mean, the oufits are not the most innovative ever, but they're still interesting. Also, loved the bunch of jewerly she wears.

Photographer: Thomas Giddings
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Heart pendants.

I know hearts are usually related to emotions, which is completely pointless as the hypothalamus (located on the brain) is the one in charge of our feelings. Believing I like them because I'm a hopeless romantic is not really an option, maybe I just like the shape (specially if they're convex). The fact is I realized the other day that I have quite a few more heart pendants than I imagined I had. The picture above features my favourite two heart pendants at the moment (both from Primark).


Girls from Omsk

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