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Alexa Chung on Jalouse June 2009.

Is Alexa the most popular brit hipster at the moment or what? Not that I'm considering wearing a bra as a top or showing my stomach, but I quite enjoyed looking through these pictures. I mean, the oufits are not the most innovative ever, but they're still interesting. Also, loved the bunch of jewerly she wears.

Photographer: Thomas Giddings
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6 comentarios:

ViCtoria* dijo...

Me gustó su estilo :) Talvez me veas con el bra al aire en el verano.

Jaja ok no. Pero puede que sí para la playa :)

Cathy Voyage dijo...

She looks so great!

Rita dijo...

Ella es lo máximo, amo su estilo :P

shopgirl28 dijo...

I like these looks. She looks pretty here.

Anónimo dijo...

It's probably her who makes the beauty of the styling ! I love the one with the glasses <3

Anónimo dijo...

LOVE this photos!! like the light <3