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H&M Divided Fall 2009 Collection

Although it's not exactly the most creative thing ever (now we are a lot familiar with studs, leather, ripped denim and zippers), H&M's Fall/Winter 2009 collection quite impressed me and offers some key-items for the season. I'm really lusting over the vest and the second dress (the non-strapless one). What about you?

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5 comentarios:

Irene dijo...

Wow, I love it! Now I'm looking forward to the autumn, haha :)

Anónimo dijo...

It's ok I guess... like you said, not really surprising !
Though I love the puffy dress, it reminds me the Aquilano-Rimondi one ( it was in pink and in black if I remember correctly... ) and since they're my favorite designers right now... !!

Allie dijo...

Love the whole rocker style of it. Can't wait to shop it!

Tijger Melk dijo...

Wow, that velvet bodycon dress is killer!
I wish I liked in the U.K so I could buy it.

Tijger Melk dijo...