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Hey everyone. Today I've been working hard on organizing the site. It just looked so messy to me. I hated the layout, although I loved the Cacharel picture, it just looked so plain and boring to me. The sidebar thing was out of control, links everyone, a list of fanlistings I was getting tired of because by the time i joined them I had another site and all those listings have the URL of my old site and I couldn't find my password to change my information. Daaaaah, and I still don't get blogger completely. I was so pissed trying to get everything alright, HTML can be a bitch sometimes. But, now is done. Thank God.

Hope you like the new layout, it's more my style and when I see it, it makes me feel like blogging :). I'm working on a new post at the moment, I'm planning to put up on Monday or maybe, tomorrow. I have to return loads of comments also =), I will, after my next post =).

That all for now, I'm not tired at all, but mom says I have to sleep. It's always like that, she says hearing me typing disturbs her. I guess it's ok.

9 comentarios:

Wendy dijo...

I like the simplicity of this new layout. Looking forward to your next posts.

discothequechic dijo...

I know what you mean; having a messy blog is like having a messy house!

Everything feels a lot less fun and a little out of control.

A makeover always feels good.

la Belle et la Bête dijo...

Uh if only I could see your new layout. My computer's being ridiculous. Hopefully It will work eventually.
Looking forward to your next post

emsie dijo...

really looking forward to your next posts!


penelope dijo...

looking fwd to see how everything will look in the end!! v sure tt it's gna be fabb!

Cee-Cee dijo...

cant wait to read your post!

coco dijo...

I like the new look
I always think simple is better

cotton candy dijo...

i know what you mean! im the type that feels motivated in an environment that's visually pleasing to me. and i shall be looking forward to your new finished layout!! ^^

Lynn dijo...

Happy renovating the new crib!