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Girls just wanna have fu-un.

Leather bags are chic, but nothing's cooler than an acid wash denim bag or a shiny backpack. Lucky you, American Apparel is selling both. So disco-pop. To increase the 80s vibe, make sure Cyndi Lauper's girls just wanna have fun is being played on your ipod (the contemporary version of the popular 'walkman'). Dancing crazily and yelling at your mom are permitted too, just like in the video.

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syd vicious dijo...

I dig that pink shiny backpack! I'd be the coolest kid at school. :)

I added you too my links too!

Rita dijo...

Jeje, yo he visto esos bolsos en American Apparel, el morado me llama muuucho la atención. Estoy considerando seriamente comprarlo, pero es que son caross, y no duran nada!

Cathy Voyage dijo...


Eelie dijo...

How 80's glam rock is that! Fantastic! If i weren't so scared of overseas shipping and that nasty NZ --> US conversion rate aswell as if i had excess money to spend i'd definately be onto that.

How've you been dear?

TheMinx dijo...

I totally am in love with both of these. So trendy, so fierce. Great blog girlie :)