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101st entry.

I was pretty disappointed to find these pictures after Halloween, because they're all so inspiring and give great costume ideas. Anyway, even if I'm a 'little' (cough) late, I decided to post them, they're pretty cool and can help you err... for next year. They're from a 2001 Vogue issue and you can see more of the shoot at Foto Decandent. I have no idea who did it, does anyone know the photographer's name?

Just in case you need some help recognizing all of the characters above, here you have the names: (1) Yoko Ono & Jhon Lennon, (2) David & Angela Bowie, (3) Jim Hendrix, Jim Morrison &Janis Joplin, (4) Courtney Love & Kurt Cobain, (5) The beatles

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makemoremistakes dijo...

Ohhhh these are fun!

Thank you for the sweet comment love!

I hope you are well,


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com dijo...

My friends did a FABULOUS John and Yoko. They were in bed for peace. Loved it!

Aquellen dijo...

Yes, they did.
By the way Eyeliah, you've got outstanding features, whenever you come by Barcelona I'll be delighted to paint your portrait.