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Holy week.

I know for a fact that most peruvians are Catholic, so this weekend is considered holiday for everyone, starting Today ('Holy Thursday'). I have my own religious beliefs, which involve only a few Catholic festivities and customs and no, I'm not going to bore you with my theories. However, as we don't have classes at University, most teachers made sure they left a considerable amount of readings as we will have some free time, I did get the material yesterday, but I'm not sure about reading it all, come on, we're supossed to rest, aren't we?

I couldn't help smiling when I saw this site had passed the 10, 000 visits, now if that is not a reason for being glad, then what is it?

I also told you that I had bought a man white shirt. Well, I finally got to wear it and I took some pictures (actually, my sister did after I begged her to) which you can see below. I'm afraid that's all I can offer for today, but don't worry I'll come with something more interesting later (means, probably tomorrow). I also have to return all the comments, reading other blogs and commenting it's like the best therapy and my top source for inspiration.

Belt: Vintage (inherited from mom)
Flip flops: Rip curl
Headband: Do it
Jeans: axxs
Shirt: Claybrooke
Indian bangles
faux pearl bracelet
Rings that only fit on my little finger (I own them since I was 6)

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The Clothes Horse dijo...

I agree, that's how I get inspiration as well. Congrats on the stats. And the butterfly belt was something I have been searching for awhile as well! They are so difficult to find at a reasonable price, so when I did find it I carried it around the rest of the vintage shop, although I must have browsed for about an hour more! No one else was going to get it though!

LML dijo...

i go to a catholic school too! so we have thrus, fri and monday off. but sadly next year at a public college, i wont get anything off for easter :(

congrats on 10,000 hits!

love the man's shirt!

SICK. dijo...

i was going to buy a white men's shirt, but i decided to borrow my daddy's instead ! it's of course much, much, much bigger than it should be but i like to wear it as a sort of belted dress with tights.


Lynn dijo...

My oh my, I adore that zebra bag. And your DIY hairband, nice work!

Beyooootiful denim dress!

Romany dijo...

Whoa 10,000 visits that's incredible! Congratulations. :)
I absolutely love your pearl bracelet. Where did you get it? I'm so jealous lol.
Just out of curiosity, how did you find that 'Site Summary' thing? Is it in Blogger? I don't recall seeing anything like that on my blog, but I am pretty technically impaired lol.
Congrats again! Love the blog, btw! :)

Wendy dijo...

I love the bracelets and rings you have on, such great details.

Lynn dijo...

OOpsss, sorry, forgot to congratulate you. Good job, Raisa, your blog's like a hot cake! Well done!

Romeika dijo...

Congratulations on so many visits!;-)

I adore how you pair the basic white shirt with the black flip-flops and all the accessories. And pushing up the sleeves like u did looks good and it's a solution if it's warm for an instance. I have a shirt just like that, so thanks for the inspiration!

millicent dijo...

i like the bohemian touches, like the belt =]

Imelda dijo...

I know what you mean, holidays are for resting and not for even more schoolwork!!

Congratulations on the more than 10.000 visitors. You deserve it, your site is great!!

You look great with that white blouse and I love your headband!

Aisha dijo...

Romany: This site summary thing is not a Blogger's tool, but you can get your own from http://www.sitemeter.com, it's very easy, you just need to creat an account. If you need any help, just let me now ;)

evie dijo...

congrats on the 10,000 visits and also for the purchase of the shirt! :) it looks good and i like how you've paired it with the belt and headband