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Cravings for fall :)

As you know, while you guys are waiting for summer to start, we, latin-americans are getting surrounded of fall what to wear guides, fall campaigns and stuff like that. Fall is supossed to start by the end of march and winter by June. Anyway, it's not always like that and in the last years, hot weather in the morning usually stays until May (sunny days and sometimes we get a little cold at night) and it's in June when things really start to change (although we don't reach below zero temperatures, only temperatures between 12ºC and 15ºC).

That's why, in the last couple of days, I have been making a list of the key things i want for 'fall', that as stated before must include fall (runway fall 2008) items and also some singular pieces for sunny days (that's why i also considered some spring pieces from spring's runway for this year). Of course, inspiration came also from all the lovely street style sites out there (i believe the coolest trends start on the street) and from some of my fellow bloggers too ;)

Some of these may take a while to be found, but i know I will. The search will start this weekend (malls, thrift stores...) and will keep on going until i get at least, most of the chosen items. I'll try to keep you updated on this, and as there are nearly 16 items in my list, I'll take it easy, I don't want to be broke, so I will also try to get them on affordable prices.

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Jillian dijo...

okay you have ALL the same cravings I do for fall!

i need a highwaisted skirt and that grey one is like the one from Chanel Pre Fall! And I want a floral dress like the one you posted! lame leggings from AA and a leather jacket! plaid shirt! wow
def some great choices!

I'm broke too! :( hopefully by summer i'll have a bit more saved up though i'll keep my fingers crossed for u and i!

miss_vogue dijo...

fabulous post! I NEED so many of these things too! <3
Definitely an oversized blazer, skinny brown belt, and a great high waisted skirt that's flattering as well.
loove the blog.
i linked you!

Jill dijo...

Love pretty much all of your picks! You're so lucky to have such mild temperatures.

ChiliLady dijo...

I like the bag and the floral dress. I think they work as well for spring AND autumn.

ambika dijo...

Nice list. It's interesting to see the reversal of seasons and how that affects trends in other regions.

The Seeker dijo...

I think you chosed great stuff.

I always have this doubt about your seasons, your trends now are F/W 2008/2009 or F/W 2007/2008?


Unrealized Fish dijo...

OH MY GOOOOOD, I love all the pictures you have posted!

Kira Fashion dijo...

beautiful pieces and i am still wanting a long leggins like that :)

a kiss and a hug,

you are in my links of the day :)

take care,


coco dijo...

I want that bandage skirt so much
and I love the dip dye dress loads too
they are btoh perfect for summer

B.licious dijo...

love the skirt and the floral dress!

Susan dijo...

I'm guessing this is quite a common opinion but all the stuff is lovely. All of it I either have or want basically.

millicent dijo...

my staples for fall have been brown ankle boots, a black leather jacket, and black jeans (three things that are already on your list)
btw that floral dress is pretty.

Imelda dijo...

Great post!!!
I want lots of stuff you want aswell, great wantlist.
Good luck finding all the stuff you want.

Chelsea Talks Smack dijo...

I love the flannel shirts. LOVE. I have about a MILLION.

Anónimo dijo...

tu lista es casi identica la mia para este año pasado!! te lo juro!
Que loco que en el hemisferio sur sea inverno cuando aqui esta todo soleado! (no es que en Mexico haga tanto frio tampoco!)

suerte con la caceria XD

fashionfake dijo...

Haha your needs list is almost identical to mine. We're going into Autumn(Fall) here too in Australia, but it still is hot as it ever was.
Where did you get the pics for the items for?

jen dijo...

i really like the way you edit your pictures...how do you create that shadow to make it three dimensional?

Aisha dijo...

Fashionfake : The pictures are from various shops from the US and UK i believe. Includes topshop, UO, forever 21... oh and there are also pictures from amazon and ebay.

Jen : I use the drop shadow tool on photoshop CS (layer>>layer style>>drop shadow and then set the distance, spread and size). Hope it helped :)

the childcatcher//granny print dijo...

i really adore the floral dress and bandage skirt
both things id definitely wear :)
both things i need

Sally Jane dijo...

Wow, this is pretty much my exact wish list too!

jen dijo...

thanks for sharing the tip on how to create the 3-d look!!! :)

Mine dijo...

I really want it,too.
But,Thanks to God, I got the flannel shirt and also kind of that belt and I want to make a old jeans in that acid colour.
And I don't want them for fall,I need them right now ;)