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Katie Leung & Emma Watson at the Empire Awards

Today, Harry Potter stars, Emma Watson & Katie Leung attended the Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in London. Emma's dress was so cute (I like it better than Katie's) and I also liked her make-up on these pictures (it's more her age) oh and her heels are awesome too, the only thing i find a little bit out of place is the bracelet, maybe too much, also the clutch, what do you think?, I believe Emma had to think it twice before choosing these accesories (which separately from the outfit are lovely). Anyway, I shouldn't be too harsh on Emma's choices, it looks like she's trying and is definitely getting better at styling herself, I like her, I really do. Katie, who in my opinion is a great fashionista, completed her pretty (yet simple) little black dress with lovely golden lace-up pumps and a lovely quilted bag with gold chain (I guess it's chanel), showing us how well chosen accessories can light up a so-so dress. Here you have some pictures from the event:

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alexgirl dijo...

I like Emma's dress better too. She looks so adorable! Her shoes are fab as well.

Jillian dijo...

I agree the dress is gorgeous!
But the accessories! tone it down just a tad and she would have had a fabulous look! i love the shoes but she should have gone with a simple black clutch and lost the bracelet!

but man i love her style!

Jillian dijo...

oh and i was reading your layout description i believe that is gemma ward not jessica stam :)

i've gotten them confused on occasion as well ;)

Ediot dijo...

emma is so cute!i love her dress. but i don't like the shoes that much

Anónimo dijo...

listo! ya te he agregado :)
Tu blog me encanta :P
Es bueno encontrar mas latinas en la blogosfera fashion!

un besote :D

iñaki dijo...

I like Katie's look better this time. It looks very chic and fresh, very updated.
Thanks a lot for the link! :)


discothequechic dijo...

I liked Emma's outfit myself.
Was sitting on the bus flicking through the newspaper when I spotted it.
I;d really like to know who styles her, as they're doing a good job at the moment.

Ohh, those shoes!

I did hesitate and wonder whether she was dressed a bit too sexily for her age though, I dont know. Thoughts?

Thanks v much for the mention in the last post! Hoorahh, the graphics are back!

Mej dijo...

I like Katie's dress and Emma's shoes.=) But I love how Emma contrasted a white dress with structured shoes.=)

Ooh btw, thanks for dropping by my site.=)

Julie dijo...

Well, I do agree with you on how she's getting better with her sense of style. The black shoes normally wouldn't go with that white dress she's wearing, but I like it. Kinda gives it a little spunk to the outfit. A "This is who I am" statement. Edgy. I wonder what she'll wear to Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards, the Harry Potter books are nominated FAVORITE BOOK, so you know the HP cast will be there. They are an integral part of the Harry Potter. Anyone would agree. JACK BLACK is gonna be hosting the event a second time around. Hahahaha, imagine her face when and if she gets slimed. LoL. I'm working with Nick right now and I'm getting the word out. The Awards show air on MARCH 29 @ 8PM. Make sure to tune in if you can. But if you can't, you can always visit http://www.nick.com/shows/specials/kca for more info on the nominees, FREE downloads (widgets, icons, etc), a reaaaaaallly cool VIDEO MIXER.... aaaaaaaand the most important part of the show, VOTING!!! Yes, you can be part of the action by Voting for your favorite nominees.


millicent dijo...

emma's better dressed, but i agree about the bracelet, its too much. she's so pretty these days!

The Seeker dijo...

I also like Emma's dress better.
She is so cute!!


Aisha dijo...

sure i'll vote for the nickelodeon awards, thanks Julia for reminding me of it!

Nicole Then dijo...

ooh, emma looks gorgeous and i love katie's style too

Imelda dijo...

I love the white dress, it's gorgeous!!

ambika dijo...

Emma takes real risks with style, which I have to admire, especially in someone of her age who's so in the public eye. Even when I don't necessarily think she looks fantastic, she always looks interesting.