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These are some of my favourite March candids, the climate doesn't seem to be warming up very much because I still see trenches and cardigans, anyway some of these celebrities still managed to incorporate some summer trends to their outfits and obtained great results. Now, let's move on to the pictures.

Kate Moss
This picture taken after Kate had dinner at Waverly Inn in NYC. Her bangs are kind of grown, hope she cuts them again, I really liked bangs on her. She's wearing a lot of grey and black lately, isn't she?

Chloë Sevigny
Here's Miss Sevigny at the MSG Plus Pre-Party for the NetJets Showdown in New York. She's rocking a lovely bubble high-waisted skirt with lace-up booties. Oh and is that an animal print bow tie i see?

Whitney Port

She's my favourite fashionista from the Hills. Whitney looked her best in the Lauren Conrad's fashion week debut after-party, she's really getting it right, she couldn't look better than that. I loved the leather jacket, the un-matchy belt, the gold jewerly, everything.

Ashley Olsen
Back to her usual laid-back style, wearing a plaid flannel shirt, Ashley goes shopping to Costume National (Wonder what did she buy there). I absolutely loved her black sandals. The outfit was very simple, still it was nice.

Emma Watson
At this point, you might have realised i always post on her, it's just that I love to see her evolution in fashion terms, plus there are not a lot of candids of Emma's daily style. When I saw this picture i didn't feel disappointed, she actually looks good (just forget the angry face) doing some shopping in London with awesome boots and her blackberry in hand.

Mary Kate Olsen
The first picture is her leaving some downtown office, looking great with slouchy black trousers, black heels and lots of rings on her fingers. The second is her at the American Museum of Natural History's annual Winter Dance in New york city, rocking a very pretty floral dress, brown clutch and lots of gold bangles, the outfit is just perfect, I so loved it.

Kate Bosworth
Last but not least, the always beautiful Kate, who attended the ShoWest awards ceremony in a lovely little black dress with sheer fabric on the back, hot (first picture). The second picture is Kate walking around LA, wearing probably my favourite outfit on this post, i loved the necklace and the floral blouse.

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capuccino bar dijo...

me encanta el estilo de Chloe, y esa falda...!

Anónimo dijo...

hi, thanks for commenting on my blog! make sure you keep me bookmarked and keep in touch through the comments! :) x

Tinsley dijo...

youve picked great oufits
i love kate's look so much! (both kates actually)

I have the same jil sander flats as ashley!

Miss Woo dijo...

Chloe looks so cute! And haha, I find it quite funny that Emma Watson shops at Sommerfield!

Jillian dijo...

GOOD GOD Kate Moss is HOT here!
and Ashley Olsen and Emma Watson

that Emma is becoming my new style inspiration! i adore her!

P.S. thanks for linking me my dearest!!

Kool Thing dijo...

I think Emma Hermione Granger is going to be beautiful when she's older! She's so pretty.

marta dijo...

I have been reading your blog and I see you are a great commentator, who knows; when you get older you could work for a fashion magazine… It’s fun to read your stuff. Take care!

Imelda dijo...

Chloe and Mary Kate both look amazing!!
I love their styles!

saray dijo...

have you noticed kate moss heels?
they are fab!

ashleys flats are adorable!
I really liked her shirt as well!

I really liked Chloë bow tie, but thats it.
i don't think those clothes flatter her.

just like you said about MK outfit - just perfect.

Great post!

lara - dijo...

Amo lo que llevan puesto todas, más aún los zapatos de Kate que es mi idola. Tengo que admitir que Emma tubo un gran avance y no está mal lo que lleva (yo que siempre la critico). Por último, Kate está llevando piele? ¡NO A LAS PIELES!

WendyB dijo...

Nice casual outfit on Kate Moss!

The Clothes Horse dijo...

The Olsen twins rock, they ALWAYS get it right.

e.jay dijo...

I linked you; I love your blog lots!

The Seeker dijo...

You've been tagged, please see my blog for details.


Jen (MahaloFashion) dijo...

Omigosh Ashley is actually smiling here!!

Anónimo dijo...

me encanto el post!
las fotos me gustaron muxho :D

ChiliLady dijo...

Kate is wearing grey since 1997. so.

Bojana dijo...

Kate B looks very Kate M in the last picture!

Great post

Anika dijo...

You picked a lot of my favourite celebrities in amazing outfits! I particularly loved the Olsens', Emma's and Kate's looks.

Fride dijo...

I think Chloe always looks extremely hot, even though i've seen her in better outfit than this one.

Susan dijo...

omg, I love Whitney Port. She has such great style! Nice blog :)