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Coloured denim

Spring's coming on september here. Stores are showing on their adds this trend they call "lolipop" and is all about very 80s outfits with bright colours. It really sucks Spring's coming as I looove fall trends so much. I think I'll stay with my fall treasures until it gets too hot.

On the pictures:
up - Ashlee Simpson, Fergie & Rihanna
down - Fergie, rachel Bilson & posh

7 comentarios:

Alexa dijo...

I love the purple ones Rachel Bilson is wearing!

Alison dijo...

I'd love to get some red ones, but I really have nooo idea what I'd wear them with :p

la petite fashionista dijo...

i have a hot pink pair! I always get some strange looks when I wear them but i enjoy em!


Jennifer dijo...

Rachel looks the best in them, so darling!

penelope dijo...

wow!!! confidence and confidence! tt's d best accessory anyone wearing those cute but attention grabbing jeans have to have!!!!

thanks for d comment(: yupp, rachel's fabb!!

coco dijo...

i like them in shades of blue and purple but not the yellow and green
too ick!

Kira Fashion dijo...

a long time ago i used to wear it!

a had a yellow one, i really like it! great it is back!

a kiss

amazing post!