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Just Bought: lace-up ankle boots

With all the earthquake madness I almost forgot posting about the new layout I put up the other day, finally I kinda understand how to do that thing by reviewing the html of the blog. Hope you like it =)

I went shopping with my mom last week and saw these booties but they didn't have my size, so I requested they guy if they could make a pair in my size and he said yes and that they'll be ready for today. My mother went for them today's afternoon and now they're here with me.

10 comentarios:

coco dijo...

these are so damn cool i want a pair

Jennifer dijo...

I want those shoes so bad, i'm jealous!!

rockandvogue dijo...

gracias por pasar por mi blog (: !
tu blog es buenisimo,me encanto
i love the vintage
espero que sigas pasando ,besoss.

seasideindanger dijo...

me encantan los zapatos
es un blog de la moda?

Moose on the Loose dijo...

those shoes are rad!

-ciao bella- dijo...

gorgeous! handmade?? my gosh i'm jealous

alexgirl dijo...

Awesome boots! Love 'em.
Yes, I did write a book! It's called BACK TALK. You should totally check it out, I think you'd like it. You can buy it on Amazon if you don't see it at the bookstore. Thanks for asking!!!

Kira Fashion dijo...

seems to be really cool and classic!!!

a kiss
nice choice!

Gloria dijo...

I had to read twice when you said you had a pair of lace-up ankle booties (just did a post on that!) made for you! I guess that's a pro of living in another country where the shoe-maker might just live down the street.

I'd go for vintage, but yours are definitely cute.

Fabi dijo...

ay que lindos! love the booties, y tambien el header de tu pagina ;)