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I've been in love with Balenciaga's ethnic scarves since I saw them for the first time, they're are just too beautiful to not be noticed. Balenciaga's fall collection is probably one of my favorites so far, I'm just amazed by the cool colour combinations of and how a ethnic scarf looks good with blazers and preppy outfits.

I've been looking for celebrities wearing ethnic scarves or at least, a similar one, I've searched almost everywhere but can't find pictures, so i guess that celebrities aren't really into them at the moment. Anyways, I still found pictures of celebrities wearing common & normal (but cute) scarves.

In the pictures below, you can see Ashlee Simpson, Lauren Conrad, Nicole Richie and Hilary Duff.

I was doing some research and i found some cool scarves at Urban outfitters. The third one kind of llooks like Balenciaga's style.

Thanks for the 27 wonderful comments, you guys are so amazing and rocked my world today when i read each one =). I'll return comments asap.


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Amy dijo...

those Balenciaga scarves are to die for!!!!!!!

Romeika dijo...

Oh scarves!!! It's nearly autumn here, perfect time for start wearing them. The ones you picked look really beautiful, good post!

re: Watch "The Hours" and "The Virgin Suicides" right away, they're really good and beautiful films.

Bojana dijo...

Balenciaga scarves = love.
But you know what's even better? Ethnic russian matryoshka like scarves. LOVE

coco dijo...

i like the ones from urban outfitters

discothequechic dijo...

Diane Kruger has worn this style scarve, though not the actual balenciaga ones, and I think that Keira K and Sienna M may have worn them too.

I think the celebrities will be donning the balenciaga scarves soon though! (Also don't forget Cameron's purple scarve on "that " trip to Peru!)

I love your blog so much by the way, your pictures are fantastic, and it all looks very professional! Im linking you.

S xx

emsie dijo...

i do love those scarves, i'm trying to look for something similar.
those urban outfitters scarves are lovely :)

& thanks for linking!


Alexa dijo...

my friend wore a scarf yesterday and EVERYONE asked her why she was wearing a scarf. it looked way cute and i wanted to be like HELLO. SCARVES ARE IT RIGHT NOW. haha

Audrey R. dijo...

Me gustan muchos los pañuelos y los fulares pero no soprto las palestinas ( se debe a mi etnia)



Ana dijo...

omg im obsessed with those balenciaga scarves. they're so gorgeous and detailed. teen vogue showed some from urban renewal but they dont seem to be on the site.

im linking you,link me back?

penelope dijo...

scarfs are the hottest stuff!!!!!! i love mine to bits! haha

anyhow thanks for d comment(:
prince harry's fiance's chelsy and i agree wif wht u've said..

u seem so grounded!!!! haha!! and tt's so nice!!!!!


The Stiletto Effect dijo...

I love scarves and I have a huge collection :) even during summer nights I carry a light scarve in case I need it lol
I also love the Balenciaga's ethnic scarves :)

Jo dijo...

i love the balenciga ones!!!

muze1990 dijo...

I love those scarfs, I wasn't paying much attention to them but now looking at it, they make an outfit rock! I'm going to look for a similiar one.

Daphne dijo...

hey i love the fall balenciaga collection!awesome post!


Kira Fashion dijo...

I do love scarves!

perfect to be so glamour and chic!

a kiss

great post!!!

Kira Fashion dijo...

I do love scarves!

perfect to be so glamour and chic!

a kiss

great post!!!

LML dijo...

balenciaga def got it right for me too!! im looking for the PERFECT scarf - i like all your urban outfitter choices too!

YSLfashionista dijo...

I know right!?

I found another scarf girl!!! YAY!!! Scarves are my life they are so cute and great for fall and even spring if you wear them right. Great post!

rockandvogue dijo...

besos girl.