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New layout

So... new layout up, it's simpler and I actually like it, I will be adding new stuff in the next couple of days, so stay tuned. I also have updated my blogroll a little bit, I deleted some links, basically blogs that are closed now. If you wanna be added to the links on the sidebar (below where it says "Exits"), just leave a message on this post (just make sure you have already added me to yours on your site). I also noticed some of the people I still have linked, don't have me on their links anymore (I'm guessing that is because I was away for so long), could you please add me again?

My Mid-Term Examinations ended yesterday. I think I'm gonna go out tonight, hopefully it will turn out pretty fun. For now, could you tell me your toughts on the new look? I'll be commenting back on Sunday (;

6 comentarios:

WendyB dijo...

Eek -- the text is too tiny for my old eyes.

Capuccino B. dijo...

ha quedado muy chulo!
por cierto, en los links, mi nombre es irene, no irena xD
jajajaj, un beso!

iñaki dijo...

It's stylish and simple. me likes!


Imelda dijo...

Glad you're back and nice to hear that exams are over, have fun tonight!

Anónimo dijo...

me gustapa mas la de mario testino en peru!


Romeika dijo...

I like it!