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I love them all. I want them all.

It's interesting how everytime I surf the net I end up finding new obsessions, this time I've fallen in love with the rustic looking leather bags from Deadly Ponies. They're all hand made and have minimalist details. Be sure to check more of their stuff at their site.

4 comentarios:

gucci handbag dijo...

beautiful handbags
I love them.

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Lynn dijo...

Love the top and bottom left. Checking them out now!

Cate dijo...

They're indeed awesome. I love the second one, the pale pink one.

Jimena dijo...

wow. la tercera y cuarta cartera... simplemente me encantan.
no se porque me es tan dificil encontrar buenas carteras en lima!! te juro que por mi cumpleaños pasado dije: no quiero nada, excepto una cartera de cuero que pueda usar durante los proximos años. tiene que ser perfecta.

busque y busque y nunca la encontre!