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More hair stuff.

I went shopping with my mom on Saturday's morning. I was pretty dissapointed because I didn't find the perfect floral dress I was looking for, but I consoled myself by buying some hair accesories (including floral hair clips) and CDs and later at night, going to a very cozy restaurant to eat pancakes with my family. I know I've mentioned before my addiction to headbands, so I couldn't resist buying some new for my collection. Oh and the heart clips are a gift from a friend, blue is my favourite colour :)

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Wendy dijo...

A stud head band can't be any more awesome, I need one!

getting-freaky dijo...

Thanks for you post.
Nice hairstuff.

SICK. dijo...

ohh, cute !
i love the little bows ♥

ps happy first birthday :]


Addison dijo...

yayaya i love cheapy hair accessories! loving the blue


Jovana dijo...

Great hair accessories, reminded me that I need to buy some, I love the blue hearts!

Candice dijo...

cool blog
i like!

Jimena dijo...

me gustan me gustan las que tienen los rhinestones redondos. lindas muy lindas.

hasta ahora he estado ignorando el mercado de headbands y haciéndolas yo misma sobre todo, pero quizá me estes haciendo cambiar de opinion.

autumn dijo...

i was an addict to headbands before, too. nice hair accessories you got there. =]

btw, i like your name. almost the same as mine, "ayesha" =]

Cate dijo...

concerning below post: yaaaaaaay happy birthday!!! i even understood your letter without looking at the translation (wow)!
and about this post: sounds a really nice day you had! i could guess that blue is your favourite colour even from the title of your blog ^^

ambika dijo...

Wow, that headband is fantastic.

And I hear you on the frustrated florals search. It's hard to find the right balance between the little girl florals and something more grown up.

lara dijo...

ohh how cute :)

Adele dijo...

I love your new banner so much!
all the head bands are cute :)
Ooh so how you liking being 17? i just turned 18 recently haha... you can add me on facebook if you like... but i cant work out how to work it! lol I use myspace more :)


Kira Fashion dijo...

tus headbands son mucho lindos también, buena compra!

muchos besos y felicitaciones pelo blog!!!


alexgirl dijo...

I love that headband.
And don't worry, Sweet Valley High wasn't that great.

The Clothes Horse dijo...

I love the giant stud on your headband--wicked!

deep_in_vogue dijo...

the little blue hearts are fun!

The Seeker dijo...

Really nice and cute stuff.
Just not good for my short hair :(


evie dijo...

you have really cool hair accessories . love the headband btw

Lynn dijo...

Love the floral bows and blue hearts. Very, very nice!

Romany dijo...

Omg. Gorgeous!
The last two blue heart-shaped pieces remind me of the Heart of the Ocean diamond from Titanic...I guess she dropped it at the end and it somehow ended up in your hair collection! ;)

Nicole Then dijo...

cute accessories!

Nicole Then dijo...

cute accessories!