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I know I've been missing for a while (15 days, exactly), which is pretty unusual in me as I try to post at least once a week. I usually return home too tired at night only to read books from uni or to check my e-mails. Just in case you get curious to find how am I doing, I post daily on my fotolog account, mainly because it's easier, telling how I spent my day as if it was a diary is the only thing I do on it.

However, I don't feel like giving up this site, but i also don't like keeping posting when I know I won't be able to return all your comments, so I prefer to not post until I have the time to read all your blogs and answer your comments on them. Returning nearly 50 comments it's not a think that can be done quickly, mostly because I try to read the whole posts (is the least thing I can do after you're all so nice leaving such lovely comments).

I have to thank Jovana, Aficionada and E. Jay, for giving me a reason to post as I've been lacking of inspiration for posts in the last couple weeks. Yeah, Dunno were my imagination went. Oh and I'm sorry, but the only rule I'll be following is number three [the one which says what I really have to do after being tagged: telling about 6 unimportant things/(bad) habits (unspectacular quirks) about me], hope you excuse me for doing that.

1. I used to have a huge crush on Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter series when I was in puberty. Everyone knew about it and whenever he was on TV everyone was like "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaisa, look at this!". It was not only about his looks or physical appearance, it was also his kind of shy and respectful attitude what I found adorable about him (plus that wickedly cool british accent and great teaste for music). Actually, I won't deny I still find him cute.

2. I don't use instant messenger much. It really bores me as I feel like it doesn't allow me to express myself properly. I really love face to face conversations, I can spend hours and hours just listening and talking. Having conversations is the coolest thing to do in my spare time, specially if i have a drink - not necessarily alcoholic ones - in hand. I love talking about everything, music, politics, social topics, silly stuff... and as i said, about everything.

3. I haven't tried marijuana

4. I'm very good at remembering faces. I can recognize people that I used to be friends with when I was like six.

5. I love going out at night in summer because I hate sunny days.

6. I just realized that haven't got any band tee, which is pretty weird considering I love many bands. I might start soon to make my own collection of them.

By the way, I went to the riders on the storm concert on 18th April, it was SO cool and my friend's birthday party is tomorrow, so yeah, I bet I'll have a great time there too. I'll try to return comments today.

5 comentarios:

Lynn dijo...

Glad you're back safe and sound. I do understand feeling tired but wanting to read all blogospere friends' posts though. Nice tee, it's nice to see patriotic teenagers :)

The Seeker dijo...

Nice to now more things about you.
Glad you're back.


Rita dijo...

Daniel Radcliffe fue, es, y seguirá siendo uno de mis más grandes amores imposibles, jajaja.

autumn dijo...

we have a lot of things in common. i like Daniel Radcliffe, i never tried marijuana, i don't use IM and i hate sunny days. lol. interesting. =]

Diana Coronado dijo...

Nice blog !!