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Chloë Sevigny at the Coachella Fest.

With her socks tucked into sandals and round sunglasses, she's the only one, who in my humble opinion, dressed properly for the occasion. I'm very conscious about the proper idea being very subjetive, but then I repeat that's just my opinion. Her outfit was creative and didn't make her look out of place. Also both dresses were a smart choice in confort terms, mainly becase of the dresses' volume that were alright for sitting over the ground without showing any panties (which I reckon would have happened if she had worn a bandage skirt, like poor Kate Bosworth who stayed sitting on her knees most of the time).

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Anónimo dijo...

Totally agree.
She's the only one who can makes me agree about -ugh !- white socks with... well, you know !